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Youth Programming @ Furry Migration

As previously mentioned, here is a compiled list for furry youth and their guardians for Furry Migration! The full schedule is live and can be viewed on the Furry Migration website.

What follows here are the youth specific events, as well as a few bonus extras that might be fun! The online schedule will also handily tell you what may not be appropriate for younger furs as well.

Remember that opening and closing ceremonies are always worth going to as well as swinging by the Dealer’s Den, Artist Alley, and ConSuite!

(All programming is held in Youth Programming specifically unless otherwise mentioned.)

Youth Hangout
Friday September 7th @ 3pm

Public Fursuiting and Handling
Programming A
Friday September 7th @ 6pm

I Don’t Have a Fursuit and That’s Okay!
Programming B
Friday September 7th @ 6pm

MNFurs Room Party
Room Party
Friday September 7th @ 7pm / Saturday September 8th @ 7pm

Geek Partnership Society
Room Party
Friday September 7th @ 8pm / Saturday September 8th @ 8pm

Youth Breakfast- Welcome to the Con for Youth and Staff
Saturday September 8th @ 8am

What Parents Ought to Know about the Furry Fandom
Saturday September 8th @ 10:30

Planning/Filming/Post-production: Take Over the Con! (youth led video!)
Saturday September 8th @ 12pm/4:30pm
Postpro Sunday September 9th @ 10:30am

Youth Hangout
Saturday September 8th @ 3pm

Youth Hangout
Sunday September 9th @ 3pm


As always, parents and guardians this is your chance to get to ask questions, get involved, and learn about the furry fandom! Please accompany your young fur at panels, with shopping, and wandering around the hotel.

You can still register beforehand to make the process of arriving and checking in much faster, or you can always register at the door!

See you there!


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