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Biking June 24th, Gateway and Brown's Creek Trails

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    The next outdoor activity is a bike ride on Saturday, June 24th from North Saint Paul to Stillwater via the Gateway and Brown’s Creek Trails. We will meet at the Gateway Trail parking lot outside North Saint Paul at 10AM. This lot usually fills up, but you are able to park on the side of the road as well. We depart at 10:30. This trail is a fairly easy ride. There’s a bit of a hill leaving Stillwater, but that’s it.

    It’s about an hour to Stillwater and we’ll have lunch when we get there. You can either bring a lunch with you or bring money to buy lunch at Stillwater. The Water Street Inn is a good option provided they don’t have a line to be seated and Leo’s Grill and Malt Shop makes a good backup. We’ll have about an hour in Stillwater, so we should get back to North Saint Paul between 1 and 2PM.

    To participate in this event, you need to be wearing a bike helmet. NO EXCEPTIONS! It is also a good idea to bring a bike lock, although you can remain near your bike at the Water Street Inn and keep an eye on your bike. There’s few water stops until you get to Stillwater, so you’ll want to bring something to drink with you. (We pass through a golf course with vending machines and restrooms, but that’s all I remember.)

    If you don’t own a bike and would like to go on this bike ride, bike rentals are available. Gateway Cycle is located in North Saint Paul near the location we are leaving from. You can rent a bike there and ride it to the parking lot, though you will have to cross highway 36 at the traffic lights. I can’t guarantee we’ll be back in 3 hours, so expect to spend at least $25 for the rental. The rental includes a helmet.

    For those of you that play Pokémon Go, there’s a lot of stuff in Stillwater. I’ve found that you can’t collect any distance biking between cities. Even if you’re going slow enough, it just won’t register anything outside of cities.

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    Nice. I will be there.


    I'm just a Hodgepodge.

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    Reminder that the biking outing will take place next weekend. If the weather looks like it might be an issue next Saturday we’ll have to change plans, so be sure to check here for any updates before heading out.
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    Darn this would be fun, but I have something planned for tomorrow already *sadface* :'(
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    The weather tomorrow calls for some isolated showers during the time we would be biking, but nothing that could soak us the entire time. Bringing rain gear may be a good idea. We should be finished before the threat for thunderstorms moves in. Otherwise it looks like a pleasant day for biking.

    Darn this would be fun, but I have something planned for tomorrow already *sadface* :'(

    Can’t do everything, but thanks for letting me know about your interest in this kind of event.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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