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Kigu Romp?

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    Just wanted to see if there was any community interest for this idea I had. A kigu romp, where everyone could where fursona kigu’s / animal pajamas instead of fursuits (because places like malls don’t like masks). I thought it would be fun to meet up at the mall of america and go to some of the arcades, mirror maze, minigolf, lazer tag, maybe even the go cart racing on the top floor. Any thoughts? If there’s enough interest I can pick a date/time and put out an event with rsvp for sometime this spring. But if people think that idea is lame that’s okay. I know there was some kind of attempt at a mall of america meetup a while back but I don’t know if that ever turned into anything. Feel free to comment.
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    I’d totally be on board with this!
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    I love the idea! 🙂 if I have the time off of work or enough time to call it off I would definitely love to go!
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    sounds great to be honest


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    Will begin planning for a kigu romp sometime in april. Will make a post with exact date/time end of the month. If anyone has a particular weekend in mind feel free to post. Im leaning towared a sunday as thats the one day a week i can garuntee ill akways have off work. Id try for something in march but i dont want to risk more crazy weather messing it up.
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    I don’t have a Kigu but I would be more then happy to show up
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    How do people feel about Sunday April 14 at 11:ooam-2:00pm? Possible meeting locations: outdoors on the bridge between the mall and ikea or inside next to the entrance to sea world. depending on weather to determine where on the day of. I looked at the event schedule for MOA and they have some special event on the 13th with therapy animals and stuff but I’m not sure if people are into going on a day that already has an event going on. Let me know if people would be interested in going on this day (Sunday April 14, 2019) and If there’s enough interest I can make an official invite with rsvp and stuff. If this day doesn’t work for a lot of people please feel free to suggest an alternative.


    Kigus and animal pajamas/ ears and tails, or furry stuff that is not a mask would be encouraged but not required to go to this event. Though if you had a badge or name tag that would help people recognize each other when meeting up. Bring your own arcade and food money. MOA has a parental escort policy for folks under the age of 16 FYI. I don’t feel comfortable being responsible for anyone else’s kids so while I don’t want to say kids can’t come, if you do wanna come it will be BYOA (bring your own adult).

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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