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    Have you ever wanted to see King Arthur duel the legendary Beowulf, have Sherlock Holmes chase down Robin Hood in a battle of witts, or maybe see Bruce Lee drop kick the Velociraptors from Jurassic Park? All these exciting matches and more await everyone in the card/board game Unmatched. In the game 2 characters or teams of characters will do battle against one another to see who will come out on top as the better fighter.

    I am planning on hosting a Tutorial and Tournament of this fairly simple yet deeply strategic game that has garnered some attention at Furry Migration 2021. It will either be a one v one person or team tournament, depending on how many enter/participate. The winner(s) will win a copy of one or two sets in this game.

    There are 19 characters in existence but only 15 of those characters will be available to play as. However, if I garner enough attention here, you may persuade me to get the remaining 4. (Push my buttons, please.)

    The For Sure characters and their sidekicks to play as are as follows:

    *King Arthur and Merlin

    *Medusa and The Harpies

    *Sinbad and The Porter

    *Alice (Wonderland) & The Jabberwock

    *Robin Hood and his Merry Men

    *Bigfoot and The Jackalope

    *The Velociraptors from Jurrassic Park

    *Robert Muldoon and Ingen Workers

    *Bruce “Fist of the Dragon” Lee

    *The Invisible Man

    *Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

    *Dracula and his Sisters

    *Sherlock Holmes and Dr. James Watson

    *Little Red Riding Hood and The Hunter

    *Beowulf and Wiglaf


    The characters not available are from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. (Convince me to get these before the week of the con.)

    If you have questions concerning game play, tournament structure, or even character abilities I will answer them as soon as I can. If you know the game and want to talk strategies or convince me to get Buffy for the tournament, that’s also fine, too. Anything and everything concerning this game is welcome here.



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