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Werecamp Registration Is Open!

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    If you didn’t hear about it at Furry Migration, registration for Werecamp is now officially open! You can register by going to werecamp.regfox.com/registration. Before registering, you may want to check out the page “Werecamp – Things to Know.” That will explain a few things that you might want to know before registering, such as the fact that you need to bring something to put on your bed to sleep.

    But before you go anywhere, here is an explanation of our registration options. We have four different types of registrations for you to choose from with each type providing a different lodging experience. All registrations for the full weekend include lodging and food. All prices shown are per person.

    $80 Individual Registration: This is the basic registration for a single person. You will be assigned to a room with other people selected at random. You will probably be in a full room of 8 people. If you don’t care who you end up rooming with, this is the best price for the weekend.

    $100 Group Registration: This is the registration for those who want to pick the people they share a room with. Each group must have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 people. When you register as a group, nobody else will be placed in your room. If you want to have some space to organize an activity or perhaps just want to use the top bunk to store your fursuit bins or games, then this is a good option for you.

    $140 Couples Registration: If you only want to share a room with one other person, this is the registration option for you. The two of you will be assigned a smaller room with two single beds.

    $25 Single Day Registration (Saturday or Sunday): If you want to attend for just a day, you can make use of this registration option. Lunch and supper are included with this option, but you are not allowed to stay the night and must leave by 10 PM.

    Registration is set to close December 26th, 2017 at 9 PM. Be aware that there is an attendance cap and it is possible for registration to close earlier.

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    Out of curiosity, because I didn’t see any mention of it anywhere,

    is this fursuit friendly?

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    Out of curiosity, because I didn’t see any mention of it anywhere, is this fursuit friendly?

    Yes! Fursuiting is allowed at this event. You will want to pay attention to two potential hazards, the fireplace in the main building and the river outside, but otherwise you are free to fursuit both indoors and outdoors.

    In fact, the park has some landmarks that would provide some good opportunities for those interested in fursuit photography.

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    I will be at Fall Picnic today to answer questions, show pictures, describe geography of park and buildings, and even discuss possible activities and food options.  Here is also a video that gives a little bit more of walkthrough of areas (including kitchen for those who want to reserve time to make more than just the basics) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVorYD7nzgk
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    Question will you be able to accomidate for food allergies, or vegetarians. My wife has a lethal allergy to clove spice which is found in most sausage, spiced ham, and brautwurst. I’m a recovering vegetarian and about the only meat I can handle is chiken.

    Just let us know so we can be prepared.

    Once we work out some final details regarding our son we will register.

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    When you register, there is a section for food that includes allergy info. We will make accommodations to address allergy issues.

    We also will attempt to meet special dietary needs. If we need to discuss your needs further we will contact you, and I can get you in contact with the person in charge of food if you would like to go over your needs with them directly. Just send an email using the contact form on the registration page after you register.

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    Hey Everyone, I’ve got an event to add to Werecamp!

    I participate in a LARP local to Minnesota where we act as modern day Werewolves – and I plan to bring the game to Werecamp as a come-and-go event for those interested in trying out a basic, down to earth LARP. The only experience you need is how to play Rock-Paper-Scissors (and don’t worry, it’s easy to learn that too).

    It’s my hope to offer people a chance to build their own characters and provide pre-gen sheets as well. I’ll fill the role of Storyteller (or Dungeon Master if you like) and guide players of any experience level.

    I’ll be glad to put down more groundwork and details when a proper thread for Werecamp Events is available. This is the teaser for a come-as-you-are event open to all!



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    is there room share at all?
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    is there room share at all?

    No, there is no traditional room sharing since you are not paying for a room.

    You can pick who you room with if you register with either a group or couples registration. If you register as an individual you will be assigned a room with 7 other people, but you won’t know who you’re rooming with until you arrive at the event.

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    I….might consider this, thing is I’ve never actually gone camping before but I’ve considered it. Is there anything I should know about before going if I do? Like just general camp facts perhaps outside of what was said in the Things To Know section? I hope that’s not silly to ask ^^’
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    It’s not silly at all to ask this. We’re in cabins, which is the easiest form of camping, sometimes referred to as glamping. This is because there are amenities that replace most of the gear you usually need to go camping. For Werecamp, you don’t need to bring much with you. Bedding which can be either a sleeping bag or sheets and a blanket as well as a pillow, the clothes you need to be comfortable including sleepwear since we are sharing rooms with other people, and whatever you need for hygiene including a roll of toilet paper. (If you rip out the cardboard core, you can put the toilet paper into a Ziploc bag. This makes it compact and you can pull the toilet paper out like a box of tissue.) You may also want to have a flashlight with you, though if it’s not cloudy you probably won’t need it.

    You could spend the entire weekend in the buildings, in which case you don’t need to put much thought into winter clothing. You just need to wear what you normally wear when you go outside in town. I do hope though that everybody will take some time to explore the park and we will have stuff taking place outside. If you want to be outside I have some tips on how to stay warm and comfortable. All of these tips are what we tell people who will be camping outside without a cabin, so don’t worry too much about following these. You can keep just a couple of these things in mind and be just fine since you can always go inside if you get too cold. I wouldn’t go out and buy a new wardrobe just for this event, it’s best to work with what you have. (A lot of people going outside in winter tend to have a rather… we’ll call it unique fashion sense.)

    If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m all about teaching people how to enjoy the outdoors. (A lot of people where I work seek me out for advice on many outdoor activities.) And now for the tips.

    There’s an acronym that people use to remember how to stay warm when you spend time outside in winter. It’s C.O.L.D. This is what it stands for.

    C – Stay clean. Clothing keeps you warm because it’s full of air pockets that provide insulation. If you wear dirty clothes those air pockets are filled in with grime and then you lose that insulation.

    O – Avoid overheating. If you get too warm you start sweating, and then that sweat evaporates and cools you off. If you start to get too warm you need to release that extra heat before you sweat, usually by unzipping your jacket.

    L – Dress in layers. It’s easier to control how warm you get if you have multiple layers you can add or remove. This can include long underwear, your shirt and pants, a thicker shirt, and then a jacket and snow pants. The colder it gets, the more of these layers you want to include, but the more active you get the less you want to include. You eventually learn to balance this with experience.

    D – Stay dry. If you get wet by sweating, rolling in the snow, or splashing in water, then you will quickly become cold and it’s difficult to reverse this without going inside. Pay attention to overheating and avoid contact with water, both liquid and frozen. Wearing the right clothing can help you with this. An outer shell that repels water is your first defense, this includes jackets that don’t soak up water as well as snow pants. You also want to wear clothes that are made out of materials that don’t trap water. Polypropylene long underwear is recommended as well as wool socks. Shirts and pants should be made of either wool or synthetic material. You NEVER want to wear anything made out of cotton. Cotton traps water and loses all insulation properties when wet. If you can get a pair of mittens, especially the kind with a leather shell, they are much warmer than gloves with fingers.

    A last final note I have for fursuiters. My experience with taking fursuiters outside in winter has shown that their primary concern is getting cold hands and feet. Hand warmer packs can be useful for this. The capabilities of a fursuit to keep you warm are of course highly dependent on the design and construction methods. I would try going out on a cold day just to see how it handles if you don’t already know.

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    How do I obtain a state permit and do I need it beforehand ?
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    I just signed up, I can’t wait!


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    How do I obtain a state permit and do I need it beforehand ?

    You do not need to have the permit before you arrive at the park, but if you don’t have a permit on your vehicle you must go to the park office first before you go to the group center. If the park office is closed before you arrive they have a self-registration station outside the office. You can pay for self-registration using either a credit card, check, or cash. $7 per day ($21 for this event) or $35 for the year. Alternatively, you can get the permit online by going to http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/state_parks/permit.html. That link also contains further information regarding the permits.

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    Are there specific check-in/check-out times on the 26th and 29th to arrive after/leave before?

    The reg page states “The full weekend registration includes … meals from Saturday breakfast through Monday breakfast”

    Is this correct in that no meals will be provided on Friday?

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