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Blizzcon 2018: From an attendee's perspective

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    Wooo just got home from Blizzcon 2018 and wanted to share some perspectives on Blizzcon, ill start with the probably most controversal one…

    Diablo Immortal:

    So for those not aware this got a great deal of hate from the internet and a decent bit of hate from even the blizzcon attendee’s (namely at the Q&A when Blizzard said they aren’t planning on making Immortal be a PC or Console game) but I did get a chance to actually play this and I have to say… the game is good even if it is a re-skin, how blizzard does the microtransactions (if any) will make or break how it goes.

    History made:

    20 years of South Korean dominance in Starcraft ended at Blizzcon this year with a Finnish player (Serral) was not only the FIRST non-Korean (“foreigner”) to make the WCS Global Finals Championship match but the first to win and become the Best Starcraft 2 player in the world.

    Origins remastered:

    I was shocked and surprised by the announcement of Warcraft 3: Reforged and while I didn’t get the chance to try the Demo (which was the Culling of Stratholme mission) due to the lines constantly being capped when I tried to go there, I am very excited with what was shown.

    Return of a Classic:

    As someone who played WOW classic (at release and the test @ blizzcon) I take the return of it with mixed feelings, while it is nice to be able to play the quest lines and see the zones in their originality (Pre-cataclysm) the grinding for XP and gold discourages me from wanting to do Classic because I know how hard of a grind it was.

    The Arena beckons:

    I tried out the new Hearthstone expansion, Rastakhan’s Rumble, and it adds some interesting new stuff to hearthstone including Loa’s (animal spirits) based on class. It’s a highly energetic expansion.

    It’s actually called Linecon..

    Yeah the lines at Blizzcons is bad for everything.. this year in particular even the food truck were a good 20-40 min line for every truck, and of course most bathrooms you are looking at 10-15 minutes as well and Demo’s tended to run 30-90 minute lines for most (except Diablo: Immortal, Hearthstone which had no or little lines) , this year was overall a good bit more on the lines than last year.

    Amazing Cosplay:

    This year it seemed like the Cosplays at Community night was far far better, each catagory had ones were you’d think those costumes could get top 3 if not first for overall.  The cosplays have always been good but this year seemed to really kick it up a notch.

    3 Artists take the stage:

    I love how blizzcon instead of having 1 artist having a concert at the end of Saturday they had 3: Lindsay Stirling, Train and Kristian Nairn (DJ, played Hodor in Game of Thrones)

    Con before the Storm

    CBTS was nice this year with more meet and greets and amazing art, Con Before the Storm is a ligitimate FAN RUN convention before Blizzcon (CBTS happens on Thursday night).


    Overall I had a really good time and will likely be trying to attend next year for what would be my 3rd consecutive year at Blizzcon.





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    Thanks for the report!

    Sounds like you had fun. Always wanted to go to one of their cons.

    Next non-furry con for me will be CES 2019!

    Member of Minnesota Furs a 501c3 Non Profit, Convention Chairman for Furry Migration, an officer for Minnesota Furs, volunteer, and always doings lots of other stuff.

    Feel free to ask questions because I'm here for you!
    Kurst "YipYap" Hyperyote

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