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Nintendo reveals the Nintendo Switch system

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    Nintendo today announced the Nintendo Switch, a new hybrid game system which will replace the Wii U and 3DS.  This was previously known as NX.

    The system itself is a small tablet that plugs into a dock for TV play, and uses a speical traditional called the Joy-Con controller that detaches in the sides and attaches to the display. A non detachable version of the controller called the Switch Pro will also be avalaible. The tablet undocks and can be used for on the go gameplay.

    From the trailer, the transition from TV and portable modes appears to be seemless but it remains to be seen how fast that transition will be in the real world. The system also has a built in stand for portable use without actually holding it, think of it like an tabelt on a table being held up by a support with a wireless controller connected to the system. The 2 controller parts that attach to the tablet also can be used on the side for motion gameplay and for 2 player multi player out of the box on same screen. Also like any portable, online and local wireless gameplay between multiple systems will be supported.

    The system will launch in March 2017.


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    I’m really excited for this. I wish we had system specs. So far we know that it will be running an nvidia gpu, which is encouraging. Either way, I think for many years now Nintendo has been struggling to be unique in that it’s not just another system trying to be the king of graphics. It’s focus is on game play and how you interact with the games. And they have been hit or miss, but mostly miss. I think with this, Nintendo finally might have gotten it right.

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    I probably will buy it no matter if I decide it’s stupid or not.

    I like the concept always wanted that in a tablet concept. But it will be the execution on how they build it how long the battery, docking, visuals on screen and off, etc.

    Again nice for them to try something different hope it works out.

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    Warning: TLDR

    I find that Nintendo is a far cry from where it used to be. Not only as a company (no i will no longer consider their stock worth buying, especially after the bounce they got from pokemon Go which we can anticipate will drop down as the hype deteriorates) but in actual product. That is, what we get after purchasing Nintendo or its titles.

    By and at large i find the last Decade of nintendo related development to be overly “gimmicky”. From the multitudes of oddly shaped controllers with no real purpose (except that single title game requiring them) or controllers with unrealized potential all the way to the WII-U, which is…reduculously complex. (To put it into perspective, i can use the BATS system to upload or search for biological identity information to the CIA/FBI infinitely easier than i can play Starfox Zero… Let me just say.. “Clap clappity clap clap clap” -stew griffin

    one thing that did NOT get more complex however is their games.  In fact they became annoyingly OVER simplistic. Detracting from not only the arts department and dumming down graphics to the point of non-existance they have for a long time eliminated all aspect of challenge or compitition from their games. (To clarify: no i do not consider myself an amazing gamer. If i find a game stupid easy to win/play well its because it is)

    is this nintendos problem? Fault? Misguided corporate footprints? No i dont think so. Instead i think they are catering to changing demands of the modern consumer.  People buy games that will let them win, (not sure why, but maybe im just flawed in wanting something more challenging) if the trend continues games get easier while the technology to use them gets STUPID crazy. I will not be purchasing a Switch. Ill stick with my PS4 amd my khajiit on ESO. “meow”.

    This is really part of a larger or changing public movement. Cell phones are and have been the biggest hit to this species mental capicity. ask any kid holding a phone, PSP or a DS to point toward “1115 Center Street” from their current location.. Watch as they immediately look down at their device and start typing in “1-1-1-5-C-E….”for without their smart phones the stupid ability to navigate, find addresses or formulate a mental roadmap is gone.  Nevermind all the morons walking out into oncomming traffic necause they cant look up from their devices.  I watched a terrifying video where a man on a train pulled out a large caliber 6” barrel handgun over and over, pointing it at the bavks of cummuters heads and EVERYONE on this stupid joyride was so mentally encompassed by their phones/handhelds that this was never noticed.. Not once, i wont go into detail how it ends. (maybe some of you have seen this video too)

    yes this reply is long and could be a lot longer.  My plea to my friends and a community i love. “Enjoy your games, but dont forget to live, Grow, learn and stay self aware. play difficult games that teach you or your children you CAN loose, and get set backward and thats not always the end of everything. Kids should know that a “gym” can help one maintain their weight, appearence and self esteem… Not JUST facilitate pokemon battle bull—. and if somone wants to get into art, there will be a market for it.



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