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Fursuiting, hugs, and being gentle to those big fuzzy creatures you see.

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    While I’m not about to try to call anyone out (not that I know who did this, though there were probably a couple people.) I need to bring this up:  Someone or some people at FM were very aggressively hugging people. This happens at every con.  But one of our guests apparently had someone cling to her and wouldn’t let go, so she tried to free herself and hurt her wrist in the effort.  Not sure if she said anything to the hugger or not, but people need to learn to be more gentle with hugs.

    A few seconds, no more (unless the suiter is alright with it, learn to break off after a couple seconds please.)

    Do NOT surprise a fursuiter under any circumstances.  Always ask before hugging (or anything for that matter.) It’s just polite.

    Do not squeeze, pick up, or glomp a fursuiter. This is a good way to injure someone like I mentioned above.

    That’s all I can think of for this moment. Others are welcome to toss in some ground rules.  I hate making common sense rules for interacting with fursuiters, but it needs to be done apparently. No one should have their time ruined by being injured because somebody got overzealous and forgot there’s a living person under all the fluff.  Not to mention suits cost a lot of money in some cases so don’t rough them up.  Please non-suiters (and even some suiters,) be gentle with those hugs. Gentle and short hugs are lovely.

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    Too many hugs I’ve endured have turned into picking me up in a strong hug sending me into a panic and just not wanting anymore hugs!

    It’s always just safe to ASK and don’t be upset if we say no!

    I’d always like acknowledge people who give the softest cuddliest hugs who make the bad ones seem not so bad ❤️

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    Yeppers some of us are a little anxious so just be polite and ask, we can get spooked easily!

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    Adding onto this thread. a lot of suiters don’t want hugs in general, or only want hugs from close friends. A lot of suiters don’t want hugs all the time, and need personal space. That is all a lot of us ask for. Some suiters love hugs all the time, some don’t, under each suit is a real person with thoughts, feelings, and their own reason for fursuiting.
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