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Valley Scare and Valley Fair 2020

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    Who wants to go to Valley Scare? What about Valley Fair next year?

    Before you answer, let me tell you a quick story.

    Like most stories, I blame Kurst (but for good reasons)

    Kurst wanted to drag me out there last year as, in his words, “It is really cool”

    Me: “Yeah, right…*yawn*”

    Cyn goes out and has a blast.   She enjoyed so much that I get a present for Christmas, a 2019 season pass.

    Great, I have a season pass. Well might as well use it.

    And to my complete surprise, I had a blast this past year.

    I approached all of this with wrong mindset, so let me state why Kurst, Cyn and now I  go to Valley Scare:

    1: It is 18+ event, going to amusement park with other adults and no screaming children changes the experience all for the better.

    2: The horror sideshows are actually really well done.

    3: The cooler night weather, many coasters and thrill rides in 50-60 degree weather at night with all the lights create a different set of thrills.

    4: Pricing is Cheap  especially when you go with friends. Read after link.

    Don’t know what Valley Scare is?: https://www.valleyfair.com/valleyscare


    When are we going:  Saturday OCT 5

    When do we leave: 3:30-4pm from GPS.  3 of us are willing to carpool up to 8 people (free parking),  get there by  5PM, “Haunt” starts at 7pm.

    Price: The first 8 people to respond before will get “bring a friend” ticket price of $30. Either eat dinner before or bring cash for dinner if you want to eat there. Food ranges from okay to pretty good but is somewhat pricey.

    What does this all have to do with Valley fair in 2020?   If you purchase a Valley fair season pass for just about $78+ fees  and taxes (about 90$), you get Admission to Valley Scare + parking  for this year too.  So If you are going to Valley Scare already this is good option as it pays for itself by second visit next year.

    Why would I want Valley Fair 2020 pass.   Short answer, weekdays.   On weekdays the park is less crowed.  With Soak City and the more casual atmosphere of weekdays, I found park to be great “day off” excursion.  Much better than walk at the mall or park. I commonly went to Wave pool  just to cool off, get just enough sun, and then relax and read under umbrella most days. Maybe a coaster or 2 for thrills.  When we went as group (take advantage of cheap “bring a friend” tickets), it is awesome. So now we are trying to get an MNfurs group going.  I could carpool on my weekdays off if a person needed a ride.

    More info of Season Pass here: https://www.valleyfair.com/tickets-passes/season-passes

    If you want to “reserve seat” for Valley Scare, PM me or move the discussion to “Events/ Private: 18+” forum .   If interested or shouting out that you are interested in Valley Fair 2020, post here.

    • This topic was modified 1 week, 2 days ago by  Procyon.
    • This topic was modified 1 week, 2 days ago by  Procyon.
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