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Any furs out there around the Cambridge-Isanti area to hang out?

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    I’ll be damned if anyone is since it’s so small but I’m willing to bite anyway, anyone near or in the Isanti-Cambridge area that’d be willing to possibly meet up or hang out at some point? I’d be nice to meet some local furs :3


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    Actually I went to school up there! Haha still live decently close. I didn’t know any furries my age in that time so I take it you’re younger but what’s up? Haha
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    Howdy there Jinx! I actually just moved up here a couple of years back but I an’t to young. 21 in fact :3 I use to live in the cities but moved up here do to the costs of living being much cheaper for the type of housing you can have and I didn’t start seeking furries until a year or so ago. This area is so small in comparison that I never thought I’d actually meet another fur that’s local but I’m starting to think that may not be the case since I found this forum lol. Did ya like the school up here? I had to attend it for only a couple of weeks and it wasn’t bad. The kids we’re very welcoming and I kept getting asked to attend various anime groups n what not DX
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    I hated the school haha just a bunch of racist Hicks or vein preppy people. Not too much of a furry friendly crowd.
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    Jinx was my first sona but I no longer use her haha my sona now is Ammit!
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    Ah damn, I suppose that’s a given this IS the suburbs after all so that general tone is pretty common. How old are ya m8? would you ever be interested in hanging out anytime? :3
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    Oh nice! My sona is a Crow. His name is Spade, sadly he is the only one I have tho I don’t have any others as of now. ^^’ I had a Gecko character in mind but I never got around to doing anything with the character.
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    Literally all white area lol there my seriously only 2 black kids and maybe 1 Hispanic my entire high school career haha. I am 19! Me and my husband are always looking for chill people to make friends with! He is not so much furry but furry friendly
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    I know right. Literally where I work we have this one little black girl that works with us and so many people are mean to her, I feel so bad. Growing up in the cities we had all sorts of diversities more then whites lol. So I’m very much use to that environment being down here and seeing that just makes me confused. Also nice! I’d love to be friends with you fellas. Hopefully I’m not to weird or out going for ya as I do get that sometimes ^^’. But once I get my car back maybe we’ll be able to plan something or go somewhere. Ya got a facebook, discord, telegram, or skype by chance?
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    I mainly use twitter haha feel free to follow or whatever on there. We’re pretty introverted lol I have 0 furry friends in this state so we’re both pretty new to hanging out with others but we’re pretty chill.
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    Ah well in that case that makes 3 of us lol. I’ve always wanted to make friends with a furry irl but as I mentioned before I never thought that’d be possible down here given the low population of the suburban areas of mn. So to know I was wrong is pretty rad! Sure I’ll follow ya on twitter and as I mentioned hopefully once I get my car back perhaps we’d be able to plan something to hang out. I’d be my treat ^.^
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    Telegram anyone?

    Mines @Rivers_Dutchie

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    Added ya ^.^


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    Hey hey. I am a Fur in the Cambridge area. Currently living in North Branch actually, but I work in Cambridge. My main sona is Pepper, a girly cheetah/dormouse hybrid whose colors represent the ace pride flag.

    Went to school off and on in cambridge for a couple of years, nothing ever really stuck academically but the clubs were fun. I can attest for the racist-bigoted hicks part, that is definitely true. In spite of the lack of diversity and understanding, there are plenty of people who are or at least try to be progressive thinkers. I met some of my closest current friends while going there, and helped to start a GSA (gender-sexuality alliance) toward the end of my time there. Three of us are furries and the rest are furry-friendly.

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    Howdy Ratts, It’s nice to meet ya! I come from Isanti myself. Haven’t been living in Cambridge-Isanti for to long, we moved up here roughly 2 years ago or so because the housing is generally cheaper then the cities. My sona is a Crow named Spade whom is also a girly but rather shy bird ^^. But yea as I explained to Ammitt, I’m actually kind of surprised by the lack of diversity up here when Minnesota is home to some of the biggest diversity within the US. Not as much as say Michigan but still. So me I’m use to be surrounded by anything that isn’t white because in the cities that was the majority of people I found. Even when it came to sexuality like I was able to openly express being Bisexual at school because it was such a common thing no one looked at it with a batted eye. Sometimes it’s kinda like being in a different world. Oh well tho. People can be racist or sexist but I certainly haven’t seen any radicals or extreme forms of it which is part of the charm of what makes this state pretty good I’d say. Anyway enough of that lol. Can’t say I’ve ever done clubs outside of what I had in school. Just couldn’t find any especially one’s where I’m comfortable with people I know. Tho I wouldn’t mind trying it.
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