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Is It Brokeded?

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    So at the event today I was going to have Sammi use my Rebel T5 to take some pictures.  It looked like the screen wasn’t coming on so we tried charging the battery.  Turns out it just took a very long time to indicate that it couldn’t read the SD card.

    Well no problem, I’ll just format it and…. ah, you can’t format it either.  “Reinsert or replace SD card.”

    So I get home and toss the card into my laptop.  Reads fine.  I toss it into my Android tablet.  Reads fine.  I try formatting it on both of them, camera still won’t read or format it.

    The camera knows when a card is and isn’t inserted but can’t seem to read it.  I happened to have another 64 gig SanDisk SDXC around (the one I run the OctoPrint server with) and I toss that one in, won’t read that one either.

    So… Anyone seen this before?  Is my camera borked?  And yes, I’m out of warranty on it -.-

    **EDIT** Both cards (both SanDisk 64GB SDXC MicroSD) have worked in the camera previously.  In fact the first one still had CONvergence 2016 pictures on it and passed a full sector scan.

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    "The problem is not that there are too many idiots in the world, the problem is the distribution of lightning."
    - Mark Twain

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    Update!  On a whim I decided to try a different SD adapter (all I have are microSD cards) and lo and behold it worked!  For some reason the adapter I had works just fine in my laptop but not in the camera.

    Either way, that’s $200 I don’t have to spend.  Happy day!

    "The problem is not that there are too many idiots in the world, the problem is the distribution of lightning."
    - Mark Twain

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    This is very much the reason I DO NOT under any circumstances (unlessI am very desperate) shoot with a micro SD card in an adapter inside a camera. Always buy and use full sized SD cards. In addition to the adapters failing, they often aren’t designed for extended use at a high bit rate.

    Additionally the Micro SD card can loose connection to the adapter if it gets hot. When that happens best case it corrupts one photo and you need to re-insert the card into the adapter and it’ll work again. Worst case the card itself is now corrupted and only partially useable or not at all.

    I know buying new memory cards suck, but trust me its worth it. Also… you can buy smaller cards for Photography. A T5 could get around 1500 photos on a 16gb card if you are shooting JPEG. Even at RAW I get 600+ photos on my 6D on a 16 gb card.

    Unless you are shooting video, and a lot of it, there is really no reason to go above 32gb cards and those are dirt cheap right now…

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    Well it was a consideration at CONvergence when I came to realize I didn’t even have an SD card in it.  Ran to Microcenter to find a Class 10 SanDisk MicroSD was actually cheaper than a Class 10 SanDisk SDXC.  The adapters haven’t given me problems before (and the dang thing still worked in the laptop too) and I really don’t use this camera for video so it shouldn’t prove to be too much of a risk.

    I do actually have some regular SD cards sitting around here somewhere but when I moved back they got lost in the mystery Bermuda Box, hence needing to buy a new one at the con.

    "The problem is not that there are too many idiots in the world, the problem is the distribution of lightning."
    - Mark Twain

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