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Hope Alongside Darkness

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    Below is a piece of poetry that is part of my Unity project that I am slowly writing and posting on my FA.  I wanted to share one here in particular as I think it’s nice and positive for what is currently going on in our country.  Do enjoy!


    * * * * * * * * * *

    Throughout the moments of uncertainty
    In a grim scenario where we feel alone
    Through the times of no hope and frowns
    We must remember that we share this thrown

    In this darkness we wander with no direction
    No direction home and certain we are lost
    It’s time we find hope, we are in this together
    We can’t let misinformation give it all a cost

    Unity brings us together and not the savage
    Unity creates a bond that cannot be broken
    Togetherness is a strong as my words to you
    All are welcome and no one specifically chosen

    When we can hold hands again I will extend
    I extend it to you so you are not left behind
    We strengthen that bond so we become stronger
    Let’s move forward together, all of mankind

    In this darkness we wander around blindly
    My hand finds another and light comes in
    Let’s start the path of unity one hand at a time
    There’s always hope alongside darkness within


    ~ Drake M.

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