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MNFurs Discord – Moderator Application

Application for individuals expressing an interest with assisting MNFurs in Discord moderation duties.


About the role

We’re looking for responsible individuals to help keep the MNFurs Discord a safe & healthy environment for everyone. Duties for the moderator position would include, but not limited to:

• Ensure all content is subject to MNFurs Code Of Conduct
• Help manage Roles / Permissions
• Issue warnings for violations of Code of Conduct and basic Discord Rules
• Involve MNFurs Staff and/or Board for continuous community member issues
• Other responsibilities to be determined

The MNFurs Code of Conduct can be found here: https://www.mnfurs.org/about/code-of-conduct/

    About you

    We're excited to have you interested in helping us with moderating an Official MNFurs discord server! First, we'd like to know a little bit more about yourself.

    Furry Alias - What name you prefer to be addressed by within the furry community.
    Name on ID - Your name as it appears on a ID. For MNFurs membership, and to help allocate volunteer hours.
    DOB - To determine age (we're still determining if we will require a minimum age for moderators)
    Experience Moderating - If you've had experience in the past moderating communities, let us know! Experience not required for consideration of the role. But we're curious about previous experience. These can be other discord servers, TeamSpeak, forums, groups, clans, etc.
    Discord Username - To be provided in the discord user format (Example: Wolfdude#5401)

    As it appears on your government issued ID. This is for volunteer hour logging and MNFurs 501(c)3 record keeping.

    Please format this as a discord username (Example: MochaRoo#3021)

    Example Scenarios

    To help determine how you would handle certain scenarios, please answer these questions. There is no specific right answer we're looking for, just curious how you would handle different situations. Answer whatever you feel like is the right answer in your opinion. These can be short answers.

    While we would like for you to address most small conflicts on your own, its 100% OK to involve another moderator, MNFurs staff member, or Board Member for issues you're not comfortable with.

    As a reminder, the MNFurs code of conduct can be found here: https://www.mnfurs.org/about/code-of-conduct/

    Scenario 1 — You notice a user is breaking MNFurs Code of Conduct and server rules, what do you do?

    Scenario 1 part 2 — The user is continuing to break MNFurs Code of Conduct. What do you do next?

    Scenario 2 — A close friend of yours is breaking rules on the discord, How do you address it?

    Scenario 3

    You notice a small conflict between two users continuing to worsen. How would you address this?

    Scenario 4 — A user is creating a problem on the server, and you notice the user is someone you've had personal issues with outside of discord. What would you do?

    Scenario 5

    Someone just posted something in the #general channel that circumvents Furry Migration registration. What do you do?

    One last question

    Is there anything else you would like to share?


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