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Werecamp – Things to Know

What is it? – Werecamp is a winter retreat for the furry community taking
place at Whitewater State Park. The event runs from January 26th through
January 29th, 2018. To attend, you must be at least 18 years old at the start of
the event. This is primarily a socializing event, but we’ll take advantage of our
location to explore nature as a group.

What is provided? – You will have access to a bed to sleep in. We are
providing the food for the weekend. You may bring your own food if you want,
but Werecamp gets first priority use of all kitchen facilities. Eating implements
will also be provided.

What do I need to bring? – You need to bring either a sleeping bag
or bedding for your bed. You should also bring toiletries for your own personal
use, including a roll of toilet paper in a bag. (Ziploc bags are great for keeping a
roll of toilet paper tidy, just rip the cardboard tube out.) You also need to bring
your own towel for taking showers. Beyond that, bring what you need to have
fun indoors or out. (If you have snowshoes, bring them! Same thing goes for
games, cameras, or any other supplies for activities.)

What should I NOT bring? – The Code of Conduct on the registration page lists a number of
the things you shouldn’t bring, but here’s a list of things you should know about
before registering. No pets. Service animals are allowed, but companion
animals are not. No drugs or alcohol. No weapons, including anything that fires
a projectile. It is a good idea to go through the Code of Conduct when you

What will we do? – For the most part, this is up to you. There are tables
in the mess hall and people who register as a group are allowed to set up
activities in their rooms. We will have some group activities for everybody to
participate in as well as activities to encourage people to explore the park.
Electricity is available but there’s no internet connection. Cell service is only
available in elevated portions of the park.

Anything else? – All vehicles entering the park must obtain a permit
before going to the group center if they don’t already have one. Carpooling is
encouraged to save on parking space, the overflow parking is a bit of a hike.


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