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Welcome to MNFurs, a local community site where fans of anthropomorphic animals and artists can gather to meet each other locally in the Twin Cities and surrounding area; forming friendships, meeting new people, educate others, and help out the local community. To access chat, forums, and the additional features of this site you must register for a free account or log in.

Browser Notifications (In Beta)

Now in beta – MNFurs push notifications!

Now there is a new way to get notified when new content is pushed onto MNFurs website. This is a nice quick way to keep track of MNFurs and all the happenings that are going around in the fandom.

MNFurs supports Safari, Chrome, and FireFox push notifications.

To use push notifications on your browser, you must subscribe and allow MNFurs through OneSignal push messages.

You can check your subscription status with the handy dandy bell on the bottom right hand side of this page.

Known Issues:

  • Internet Explorer (IE), Edge: not currently functional – don’t even try
  • Chrome: not functional in Incognito Mode


Ack! I don’t want this, how do I turn it off?

Click the bell in the bottom right corner of the page to disable notifications.

What notifications do I receive?

  • When the front page is updated.
  • When a new forum topic is posted.

Why don’t I see the bell icon?

  • Your browser doesn’t support notifications.
  • You are incognito/privacy mode.

When will I receive the notification?

Almost immediately!

Does this work on Android?

Yes, this works with the Chrome web browser on Android.

Does this work on iOS (iPad, iPhone)?

Currently there is no support for iOS.

Does this work on the Amazon (Kindle product line)?

Good question! It hasn’t been tested due to lack of device availability.

Does this work on Windows?

This should work on Chrome and Firefox (in beta).

Does this work on Mac?

This works on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox (in beta).

Can I subscribe to updates on a topic?

Not currently.

Is this tied to my user information?

No, this has no awareness of your specific user information; it’s tied to your current browser.

Does this replace the chat client?

No – in fact they still work well together. If you want a mobile solution for chat we have a client that works on Android/iOS available – check it out

This feature is considered to be in beta. If you have any problems please contact MNFurs or use our forum discussion thread discuss about it.


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