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MNFurs Events Department Information

Brief History

MNFurs started out much smaller going back to 2010 and prior. While we had events back then, they were on a smaller scale with one of the first major events called Snowpocalypse held at a hotel. Back then, many of the events were set up and hosted by long-time local furs who first started the group before we were under the official MNFurs name. Much later, steering groups were formed from volunteers, HR-based roles, & you guessed it, events. Since then, the community has grown so much that we now have many departments in MNFurs that meet many needed areas within. 

Who We Are + What We Do

The Events Department is a team that works together to coordinate events in and around the twin cities. We also work with community members outside of the twin cities area to assist in event planning. When inquired about who we are, simply put, we are here to serve our community members when they want to host an event or want us to provide programming for them. 

What do we do? Our department provides the tools to our community members when they want to host an event. We provide them with the resources they need to prepare, guide, & lead them forward to host a successful event. We have documentation available on how to setup and host certain events on our main website and we can also provide virtual and in-person guidance for 

those wanting to gain experience in events, but are unsure of where to start. 

We have a department head and co-head that have the requirements of assisting with any issues that come up during an event that the event runner(s) need guidance on. This includes inquiries from venue staff, other attendees, & the general public when/if there is interaction. We are also a bridge to the board of directors when escalated issues arise. Our other event staffers

also work with our community members from running events to assisting others in event hosting. They work with the department head and co-head with procedures in event setup all the way to getting it advertised on the website and our social media avenues. 

Year Round Programming

With our community from past, present, and future as we continue to grow, the Events Department provides year round programming for our community members to attend. We assist in setting up and hosting events from small movie or lunch/dinner outings to large-scale events like our annual picnics to annual holiday parties at the start of the year. We also have other members within our community that setup and host their own events. We are also starting to incorporate out of town events for our community members who are not in the twin cities or are unable to make it down to us. Below is a list of other events that we host in and around the twin cities… 

  • Community Fur Romps 
  • Nature Photography Walks 
  • Mall Meetups 
  • Perkins Meets 
  • Annual Picnics in the Spring and Fall 
  • Annual Holiday Party 
  • Oval Fur Meets at the John Guidant MN Oval 
  • Community Fur Bowling 
  • Annual Furry Migration Convention 

We are also open to new and different ideas for MNFurs as well and welcome all to come forward and share with us. 

Meet the Events Department

Our department currently consists of six individuals. We all have shared responsibilities with some duties specific to the department head and co-head 

  • Alli Coyote (Department Head) 
  • Drake (Department Co-Head)
  • Dirge Wuff
  • SpidyTheWolfy

Contact Information

Have questions for us? Please contact us here – events@mnfurs.org


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