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Welcome to MNFurs, a local community site where fans of anthropomorphic animals and artists can gather to meet each other locally in the Twin Cities and surrounding area; forming friendships, meeting new people, educate others, and help out the local community. To access chat, forums, and the additional features of this site you must register for a free account or log in.

Member Expectations

Expected Behavior

We at Minnesota Furs are an open and accepting group with individuals from various walks of life.  Due to our rich and varied backgrounds, some simple guidelines for the behavior of our membership at events will be outlined.  The sum of the guidelines can be summarized simply by stating “Use common sense.”

Code of Conduct:

1) Actions that violate local, state or Federal law is prohibited.

2) Harassment will not be tolerated.  This includes swearing, racial slurs aimed to demean a person or person(s), name calling, physical harassment (including sexual harassment), or any other methods of demeaning an individual or a group of individuals.

3) You are responsible for your actions.  If another coerced you into an action, you will still be held accountable for your actions.

In the event some or any of the above is violated, MNFurs reserves the right to press disciplinary actions on individuals.  Any concerns may be brought to the MNFurs board by e-mailing directors@mnfurs.org

Disciplinary Action

In the event that a member violates these expectations and causes issue with venues, outside individuals at an event, other members, or is guilty of criminal activity, Minnesota Furs has established a disciplinary action.  It is essentially a “Three Strikes” system, with criminal offenses and serious infractions escalating the scale, at the board’s discretion.  The strikes result in the following actions taken:

  1. First strikes result in verbal warnings from the board about unacceptable behavior.
  2. Second strikes result in written warnings.
  3. Third strikes result in a ban from attendance at group events.  This may be temporary or permanent depending on severity of offenses, may include banning from the website, and the length of time is left to the board’s discretion.

Each discretion will result in a record being taken of the information.  Discretions will stop counting for an individual after a 12 month period for the discretion.  Any questions or concerns about this policy may be directed to directors@mnfurs.org.


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