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Welcome to MNFurs, a local community site where fans of anthropomorphic animals and artists can gather to meet each other locally in the Twin Cities and surrounding area; forming friendships, meeting new people, educate others, and help out the local community. To access chat, forums, and the additional features of this site you must register for a free account or log in.

Help Wanted at Minnesota Furs

You may have seen elsewhere that Minnesota Furs (MNFurs) are a volunteer organization run by our community. We need the skills and time of those in our community to move forward. We are an educational nonprofit and we want provide an environment to learn new skills to those who are interested. Internships may be considered. Positions are broken down into basic roles and can be combined as interest and skills dictate. This an overall list of our various positions which may have openings. Please look at the list and use the form below or consider contacting us to find out more.

Positions in Minnesota Furs

  • Board Candidate(s) – Elected for two year terms. This nonpaid volunteer holds a fiduciary responsibility to the community, develops a vision, and drives Minnesota Furs to meet the mandates created in 2012.
  • Community Relations Manager – An individual who works with and in the community to provide MNFurs information directly and relay community feedback to the board.
  • Content Editor – An individual that reviews content submitted for publication under the MNFurs communications umbrella.
  • Content Managers – An individual that helps create content for events and publications under the MNFurs communications umbrella.
  • Convention Chair(s) – An individual that holds a background as a leader at Furry Migration, appointed by the board of directors, and becomes an officer of the board of directors.
  • Discord Community Manager – An individual who helps come up with social night activities, gauges interest on custom channels, and coordinates with MNFurs Communications Team for fun theme weeks, etc for the Discord. This is for individuals that like being social in online environments! No previous experience is needed.
  • Discord Lead Moderator – An individual who oversees our existing Moderator team. This person helps address any larger issues that may need some coordination between moderators, the onboarding / off-boarding of moderator roles, and works with the MNFurs Communications Team in an outreach for more moderators. Ideal candidates work good on a team. Previous experience is not required.
  • Discord Moderator – An individual that monitors the MNFurs Discord server for Code of Conduct problems and respond to user questions and reports.
  • Events Organizer Lead – An individual who oversees the coordination of event development, logistics, staff training, and media releases.
  • Events Assistant Organizer – An individual who works within the department to work on logistics for upcoming events, works on researching event ideas, and creating new events.
  • Forums Moderator/Managers – An individual that monitors posts made in the MNFurs website forums and takes appropriate actions as needed.
  • Front End Developer with a design background – A developer who specialize in CSS and JavaScript with some understanding of backend language. Prefer to have knowledge to have additional knowledge in SASS, REACT, and WordPress theme development.
  • Graphic Designer with background in web – An individual who specializes in making website designs and graphic banners. Knowledge in Photoshop and Illustrator like applications recommended with ability to work in html and CSS desired.
  • Help Desk Lead – An individual who manages users, help finds and creates training documents. Recommended skills are Google administration, Google Docs, Google Drive, and Slack.
  • Media Relations Manager – An individual who understands the difference between earned and paid media, creates and fosters media relationships, and promotes MNFurs and the Furry Fandom.
  • MidWinter Frolic Lead – An individual who is an event runner that oversees staff and volunteers, coordinates reservations and supplies, and reports to the Board of Directors.
  • Newsletter Wrangler – An individual who can create a schedule to publish, direct others to meet submission deadlines, and work with partners to trade content.
  • Partnership Liaison – An individual who creates relationships with our partner organizations to facilitate programs, resources, and aid.
  • Photography, Co-Lead – An individual who has a photography background, can work with and direct others to cover events, and oversees organizational needs to manage content requests. More details at MNFurs Photography Co-Head Description.
  • Photographers – An individual who works with a Photography Lead to cover events, content requests, and any other photographic needs. Release forms need to be collected and organized. Photos will be used for the organization and credits will be posted.
  • Quartermaster – An individual who maintains the organization’s assets and storage, assures assets appear at events as requested, replaces consumables as needed, and reports asset conditions to the board as needed.
  • Staff and Volunteers Admin – An individual who monitors inquiries, forwards interested parties to the appropriate manager, and manages lists including RL names, contact information, and volunteer hours.
  • Secretary – An individual who is an officer of the Minnesota Furs Board of Directors with many responsibilities found in the Bylaws. More details at Secretary By-Laws description June 9th,2021.docx
  • Server Manager and Dev Ops – An individual who is able to handle and maintain server resources, update servers, keep security and provide a development workflow. Knowledge of Linux, GIT is recommended and OWASP and security background is helpful.
  • Social Media Managers (Facebook, Twitter) – An individual who tells the story of Minnesota Furs and fosters two-way communications.
  • Treasurer, Minnesota Furs – An individual who is an appointed officer of the Minnesota Furs Board of Directors, maintains the financial records, files taxes among other responsibilities found in the Bylaws and supporting documents. More details at Minnesota Furs Treasury Position and Role-Corporate
  • Treasurer, Furry Migration – An individual who is an appointed position by the Minnesota Furs Board of Directors and reports to the FM conchair(s) maintains the financial records of the convention, supports the MNFurs treasurer, and may have  other responsibilities found in the Bylaws and supporting documents. More details at Minnesota Furs Treasury Position and Role – Furry Migration
  • Treasurer, MidWinter Frolic – An individual who is an appointed position by the Minnesota Furs Board of Directors and reports to the MWF lead(s) maintains the financial records of the event, supports the MNFurs treasurer, and may have  other responsibilities found in the Bylaws and supporting documents. More details at Minnesota Furs Treasury Position and Role – Midwinter Frolic (1)
  • Videographer  – An individual who captures the atmosphere of events (native and chartered) for social media, special projects, and anything else on as-needed basis. Additional duties involve capturing audio, getting releases, editing, and in some cases, script writing.
  • Webmaster – An individual who manages the content and development of the organization’s websites.
  • Youth Program Lead(s) – An individual that engages and supports the youth of MNFurs (17 and under) by creating events and programming within the community and like-minded organizations.

Don’t see the thing you want to do here? Contact us through our form here, we may not have thought of it yet, or have the skills necessary to support it until you came along. For other questions, reach out to us through this form.




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