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Roommates and Travel Arrangements

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    Want to carpool/ride share? Find a roomie or several?
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    I’m planning on coming for one or two days as I live less than an hour away from this event.

    EDIT; I’m going to be volunteering there all weekend! Got excited and just registered a few days ago

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    Life wasn’t meant to end easy, it’s meant for you to come screeching on your rear to the golden gates saying “Wow! What a ride!”

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    So here are some particulars everyone should know.

    Travel during daylight hours.  the campsite is secluded in a valley and the plowed dirt road is navigable but unlight.  With snow/ice and lack of light, we had a few vehicles get stuck in a ditch when trying to drive at night.  Getting a tow truck out there is very expensive someone discovered.   Plan to arrive/leave before 7pm at very latest.

    Reminder, You will need to parking permit per car arriving which can be purchased at the main office. https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/state_parks/permit.html
    We highly suggest traveling to main Visitor center before 5pm to first to get parking permit and get directions to campsite as it can be hard to find, and hazardous in the dark.    Direction to the Main visitor center is here:  https://www.google.com/maps/dir//44.062919,-92.043204/@44.0625388,-92.1134412,12z
    You can get parking permit in morning if you arrive after 5pm but you must do that as they open at 9am.  Park service will make use aware of any non-stickered vehicles and MNfurs does not wish to have any problems with the DNR.
    As for rooms, there are 2 pricing models.
    80$ gets you registration and meals for the entire weekend, but like camp you will be randomly assigned bunks (possibly top or bottom).   Each wing is 4 double bunks so you will be sharing a common space with up to 8 other furs.  Try to be respectful of each other and try to clean up as a unit Sunday.
    Some people desired a bit more control so we offered another option: 4 people can each pay 100$ and Buy the same wing. It can be just the 4 initial people or they can also invite/include up to 4 additional people in their area(normal 80$ for these people).  No one needs to be on the top bunk if they do not want to and this arrangement more resembles renting a hotel room at a convention.  Just remember your group still collectively is responsible for clean up Sunday night and we will note all the members of the 4 -8 group if they leave their wing messy.
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    So I’m quite interested and It would be my first furry event. Although I’m hesitant to just room with strangers. So I plan to pay the extra for group rooming. But In that case, I need people to group with. I’m 18 turning 19 before the event comes around and really I’d just prefer to be rooming with people within a similar age range. (Like within 10 years) Shoot me a message if you’re interested I guess.
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    I’m planning on attending this event this year and I would like to get to know people so I don’t room with people i don’t know ^^’
    I’m 18 and it will be my first 18+ event. I’m planning on paying the $80 option but maybe I can get to know people just in case I end up rooming with em :3
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    and I thought I was an extrovert
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    Howdy, I have a group planning on coming and we only have 4 of us and we’re cool with having more join if anyone wants to. we’ve got Two males, 19&21, one trans guy, 20, and a female 19. We’re all p friendly although a lil socially awkward hence why we travel in a pack. But again if someone wants to join our group we’re all good with it.
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    Yeah that seems like a pretty cool band to join. My telegrams @arsonking if youd prefer to message me there.
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    I will be heading down mid day on Thursday March 7 and returning midday Monday March 11 and have 1 seat available in my car.  You will be there for the 2 additional nights as staff so please be willing to help with set up and cleanup of event.  On plus side, this will entitle you to semi private bunk room for staff.  Contact me if you want to take that seat.
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