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MNFurs Is A 501c3 Non-Profit Organization!

It is our pleasure to announce that Minnesota Furs has been approved as a full 501c3 charity not-for-profit organization by the IRS!

This has been a long time coming – first in filling out reams of paperwork, then filing it with the government, and then the super-long wait to hear back. This has been a goal of ours since we first incorporated over three years ago. Naturally the entire board of directors is extremely excited to be able to share this news.

So what does this mean for you as a member? We’re still ironing out the details, but the biggest thing is that donations to Minnesota Furs qualify for tax exemption. It also opens up a lot of doors for us to work with other groups such as other conventions and local organizations like Como Zoo, Geek Partnership Society, Anime Detour, and others. We will be able to interact with them on a whole new level to bring new, better, and more exciting events to you. Stay tuned, and we’ll be keeping you informed!

From all of us here on the staff and the board, thank you for bearing with us and joining us in looking forward to the amazing future ahead.

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    First off I would like to personally thank all the volunteers who put hundreds of hours to help out with the 501c3 filing process – Aerak, Cence Wolf, Flip, Ridyah, and other members of the local furry community. Without there help we couldn’t have gotten this approved.

    While on a plane home I wrote up some questions and answers which might help answer some questions about the filling and what effect it does to the group.

    Some quick questions and answers –

    What is a 501c3? 501c3 organization is a type of non profit approved by the IRS that is set up to be educational, religious, charitable and/or scientific. By getting this status a non profit can ignore some types of taxes and allow donations to be able to be tax deducted for the contributor. For a more complete definition you can visit and read what wikipedia says.

    What does the 501c3 status give us? it allows us to work towards our goals to educate and help out our local community without getting taxed. It also allows us to donate money to other 501c3 organization without that money getting taxed. It also says we are a non profit.

    Who does it cover? It covers Minnesota Furs and it’s subdivisions MNFurs and Furry Migration.

    If I donate money or an item can it be written off? It depends – but if it’s upfront donated and it’s used for charity or operations of Minnesota Furs then yes.

    If I buy a membership for Furry MIgration can I write that off? No, but if you donate more money than your membership you can write that off. For example if you pre-register for $45 an donated an extra $250 that $250 can be deduced off your taxes.

    Does the 501c3 status help us work with other charities? Yes it does. One thing it give us is that we are recognized as a formal non-profit organization. Some organizations like hospitals only want to work with recognize non profits. That way they know the organization goals are recognized to help the community in general. Another way it helps is that it also means we can collect money and give it to other organizations without getting tax. So we can collect and give money for other non profits and be 100% tax deductions still for the person who donated.

    Does this effect our abillity to put on fun events like Fursuit Bowling, romps in the park, or meet ups? Absolutely not – these events can continue and in fact we hope they will expand. Having fun and getting people together doesn’t conflict with being a 501c3 non profit.

    If you have any additional questions please feel free to ask.

    Kurst over and out

    Member of Minnesota Furs a 501c3 Non Profit, former Convention Chairman for Furry Migration, volunteer, and always doings lots of other stuff.

    Feel free to ask questions because I'm here for you!
    Kurst "YipYap" Hyperyote

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    Great, can’t wait to see what changes this brings.

    I'm just a Hodgepodge.

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    My involvement is best classified as minimal (few hours at best out of literally Hundreds/thousands) Largely a result of my own exploration of personal perceptions in an effort to determine the “how” and “why” of organizational incorporation. The real thanks goes out to the cast and crew, board members, (past and present) and a community who’s dedication has been monumental.

    What this ultimately means,.. Is that less organizational money will be “lost” to taxes in the transition process from donors to organizations. In addition, this opens all kinds of possibilities for community affiliations with other groups who may only deal with other “not-for-profit” entities. It is a very good, clear example of your elected board working to make full use of their resources to make the most of funding, A shared public image, and established (and to establish) connections.

    I did not however make this post simply just to praise everyone, but rather to praise “somone”. As a self identified community member with the ability to draw my own conclusions, and harbor a rather strict set of values… Thank you Kurst for your time, dedication and expertise. Although it is a group acheivement I feel you should rightly wear the coat on this effort, and will tip my hat once more to the results.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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