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MNFurs Announces the MYTHIC PICNIC!

Soon, spring (remember that?) will be upon us and signs of life will return to our barren tundra.  Critters and people alike come out from their hovels to play, eat and frolic; just as they have done for millennia as told time and time again in stories and fables of old.  And that will be the theme of this year’s spring picnic: The Mythic Picnic!

Why use Myth as a theme?  Because Myth is some of the earliest forms of “furry” and it still runs in our veins.  May it be gods like Pan or Anubis, creatures like dragons and unicorns, or character tropes from like quick witted Foxes and Bunnies.

Sounds good! What do you need to know?

Saturday, May 20th, 2017

11 AM – 9 PM

Jaycee Shelter, Central Park

2540 Lexington Avenue N, Roseville MN

What to bring: Yourselves, friends, and maybe beverages, a dish or some grill items to share.

How much:  Free, but the shelter and food does cost rental money, so donations are appreciated.  Our traditional commemorative badge will be available at $10 as usual

Look for more announcements as the date approaches.

You may notice if you read park link we have a full kitchen, fire pit, and other facilities.  Do you want to run a specific event or otherwise help out?

There is a forum on this website that will address volunteer opportunities including: Art for the badge, Grillmaster, head of Kitchen, fire tender, event leads, morning set-up head 10AM-11AM, Clean up head 9PM-10PM.   If any of these interest you, or if you have any other ideas, please contact us.

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