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Not only are the Seasons Changing

We are in hard times. We are separated from each other. We are not at our greatest. But, we have to remember to be our best selves in these times and do what we can for ourselves and each other.

First, we would like to make a few announcements concerning the Board of Directors. At the October board meeting, Dei tendered his immediate resignation from the board. Between his work and health reasons, he could not continue his term. Also, for personal reasons, Twisted submitted his resignation to be effective as soon as his board and Treasurer duties can be transferred to another.  We on the board want to thank each for their unending efforts in the Minnesota Furs community, and understand the need for personal self-care. 

Moving forward, the board will appoint replacements to finish the remaining six months of their terms. As Dei was the President, the remaining board members and Twisted voted to have Rico move from Vice President to President. Cyn filled the position of Vice President and was also confirmed by a vote. 

The next board meeting is scheduled for next Wednesday, November 4th at 6 p.m. The start time is 30 minutes earlier to accommodate a change in scheduling. Attendance can be in person or virtually. Please contact secretary@mnfurs.org to confirm that you are coming and we will make COVID-19 space for you.  All board meetings have a general public session that is open to everyone. Some months we need closed sessions to discuss business of confidential matters, and those not required for that session will be thanked for their time and sent on their way.

And that brings us to Elections. It is time to think about running for the board early next year. The terms of Dei and Twisted will finish and need to be filled. Curious about what we do? Come sit in on a meeting, ask us questions, contact board@mnfurs.org or elections@mnfurs.org

And did you see a thing recently about Discord? It is no lie. MnFurs is now live with an official MnFurs Discord soon.! Before we can go live, we need Moderators. We could use additional moderation help! See https://www.mnfurs.org/MNFurs_Talk/mnfurs/mnfurs-is-now-on-discord/ for more information on how to apply.

So earlier, we talked about Elections, but to vote you need volunteer hours. Hmmm, you are thinking with COVID times how does that work? We are looking for ways to virtually hang out with your peeps. Here are some of the ideas we have and we are looking for more!

  • Election Committee – Help recruit candidates, create some messages, and run the election. Contact –  board@mnfurs.org
  • Discord Moderators – hang out for a few hours each month. See details above
  • Communications – Help rebuild the website, run our Social Media channels, write newsletters and other content. Contact communications@mnfurs.org
  • Zoom clutches – We are still working on how this will look, but we need you to come with ideas that you can or your friends can host. Ideas could be plush making, art demos, gaming events, adult drink social hour, and so on. Contact cyndyr@mnfurs.org
  • Additional Volunteering Opportunities as more online / virtual events are planned & announced.

Help us get through this pandemic and still be safe. We can’t wait to see everyone at a Meet or a Picnic, and volunteering will keep us connected in the meantime. Now, go and have a wicked, ș̶̩̎̏p̶̺͑o̴̥̺͝ỏ̵̭k̵̼̲̊̌ỳ̵̦̿ Halloween weekend.

Your President,

Rico “Shawn” Raccoon


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