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    I am a parent of a furry. My daughter is now nearly 18 and has been active in furry community since 13ish (art and online as long as I can remember). Seriously as a baby had no interest in anything human. It is sad to hear that parents are not supportive. Although fur suiting as never appealed to me I can understand how much fun my daughter has.

    As for activities meet ups are good. Mostly I think cons could do a better job with entertaining parents. We have attend MFF & ANTHROCON multiple times and furry migration once. As parents we just stand around take some pictures for her. Try to find someplace to relax and if we can chat with a parent or adult over 40 we get pretty psyched. I think the best way to get parents on board is to offer free admission to conventions (MFF offers this and calls them parents in tow).  Seeing people just doing normal stuff takes away a lot of the fear many parents have.

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    Keep in mind that not all furries are under 30. A lot of us are older, married, with families – some of whom are clueless about what furry is or what it means. My kids have no interest in furry. In my case we’d need a “How not to be embarrassed by your furry parent” panel to get one of my kids to attend a furry con. 🙂
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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