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– Activities + Space + Details –

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    Hey there, your Events fox here!  It’s time to talk about the fun annual holiday party.  Below I will be outlining everything about the party and what is to be expected.  I ask that everybody please read this carefully…This is the first of of a small batch of threads.  This will bring everyone up to speed and if any questions/concerns arise, they can be asked here.

    The Holiday Party will be held at the Guidant John Rose Minnesota Oval.  The party is being setup and ran by myself and Twisted.  This is the same venue for past and future Oval Fur Meets.  We will have plenty of tables and chairs for everyone to utilize as well as access to power for those needing power for anything, I strongly suggest bringing in your own power strips.  We also have access to a kitchen, but this is for storing food and beverage items only.  We cannot use any of the equipment as this was an extra charge I declined.

    We have the Rose Room and Fireside Room this year.  The Fireside has a fireplace where the Christmas tree and presents will be as well as other fun activities like the gift exchange and photo shoot area.

    For parking, please be sure you park in the back parking lot closest to Woodhill Drive.  The main entrance will have Skating Center above and this is where you want to go.  The front parking lot is to the main entrance to the Oval ice rink and that is further away from our room.  Below is a link visualizing where to park.


    For those that have not been here, you enter through the Skating Center door and then immediately go up some stairs and to the right is the Rose Room with two big doors.  Fireside is attached to the Rose Room and will be open.

    This is a potluck-style event so we ask that community members bring in food items from main entree items, fruit/veggie items, beverages (soda, water, etc), & dessert items.

    NOTE:  Alcoholic beverages are NOT allowed!

    For fursuit changing and tote storage, you are welcome to utilize the room itself, otherwise, the public restrooms are right by our room.

    There is access to public wifi which is available in our room and throughout many parts of the facility.

    With the party being on a Saturday there should be public skating going on at the outdoor oval skating rink.  Once they have their January schedule posted I will look at it and update this portion of the thread.

    As a reminder, the party is on Saturday, January 4, 2020 from 2:00p – 8:00

    Lastly, below is a list of activities that will be taking place at the Holiday Party!




    – Holiday photo shoot – Setup and ran by the MNFurs photography team

    – Group photo – Time frame for this will be in the schedule and announced during the part

    – Gift Exchange – Setup and ran by Snow

    – Fursuiting fun

    – Furry Migration items

    + much more!


    For further questions/concerns, please post here!  🙂

    Thank you!

    ~ Drake M.

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    MNFurs Board of Directors - Holding a temporary seat as a board member to fill out the rest of a term.  Please let me know if there are any questions/concerns on anything with our community

    MNFurs Events Department Head - Having an idea, planning logistics, & putting them in motion is what we are here to help YOU do successfully

    Furry Migration Programming Co-Head - Have an event you want to talk about that you want to see at FM this year?  Let me know!

    MNFurs ~ 501(c3) Non-Profit Organization

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