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    Hello everyone!

    My name is Axel, but I also go by Leon. I joined the fandom in 2014 and learned about MNfurs in 2015. I have gone to Furry Migration in 2015 and 2017 and hope to go again this year ! The reason I haven’t really made an account on here is because I didn’t see much of a reason to other than to RSVP to events, but I figured I’d make use of this account past that.

    Some things about me!

    • I am 19 (almost 20!) years old. I stand at an intimidating 5 foot 4 (and a quarter) inches.
    • I am a gay trans man. (single, but NOT ready to mingle)
    • I love to play video games such as Professor Layton, Pokemon, The Last of Us, Life is Strange and Okami.
    • I am an aspiring French teacher and love to learn French!!
    • My sonas are Leon the Munchkin Cat and Xavier the Siberian Cat (Xavier is my icon, which was drawn by the wonderful Nepeteaa) . Leon was made on 2011 as a Blue Exorcist OC until I connected with him and made him my fursona in 2014. Xavier was doodled back in January of this year and I connected with him quickly. He was made from the parts of myself that I hide or don’t like, such as how quiet I am, how I worry about my friends a bit too much sometimes, or how I tend to cling to my past.
    • I love to draw and make fursuits!
    • I’m on telegram at sleepyfeline128, but I also lurk on twitter a lot at LeonMeows!

    I’m hoping to get more involved in this community and meet new people!! Feel free to contact me if you’d like on my telegram. Thank you for reading!!

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    Sweet another life is strange fan do u like before the storm?

    I’m ahkira by the way

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    Welcome to the MNfurs site!

    Yo! Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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    Hey there Axel and welcome to the fun MNFurs community!  *Paw shake*

    My name is Drake with the MNFurs Events Department and it’s nice to meet you.  😀

    I hope to see you at some of our upcoming events and meets.

    As part of the MNF staff, please let me know if you have any questions/concerns.

    ~ Drake M.

    T H €  B | Z   F [] X

    MNFurs Events Department Head - Having an idea, planning logistics, & putting them in motion is what I am here to help YOU do successfully

    MNFurs ~ 501(c3) Non-Profit Organization

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    Greetings! The name is GMZilla or Austin (I also respond to Goomba and “HEY!”)

    It is a pleasure to meet you.

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    Hello and welcome Leon, thanks for joining our community!

    Nocturnal - You will rarely see me during the day, I work nights
    Demi-Sexual - Im interested in meeting people not lovers, sorry, get a little scared at flirting
    Foodie - Food Adventures constantly, not a fan of fish though

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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