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Convention Idea

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    Yes, I know corona is still a thing and conventions can’t occur right now. But when I’m left inside with nothing better to do I tend to daydream or think of ideas. This idea is probably not going to happen, but has anyone considered holding a MN con that is held at some sort of waterpark? I was thinking Great Wolf Lodge, although I am unsure if they even have any convention space to rent out. I know they have conferences rooms but I have no idea if there’s even enough space to hold a convention. I just think it would be really cool to hold a convention where there is a waterpark, sort of like Minnesota’s own Aquatifur type of con.


    Do any of you think this is a cool idea? Is it even possible for this crazy dream of mine to come true? I just wanted to put this out there.


    I have no knowledge whatsoever about how to run a con, and I doubt I would be able to run it. I just wanted to put my idea out there for anyone who’s interested in running a con would want to use this idea in the future when corona isn’t a thing.

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    Yes, this was toyed with when Furry Migration was started (along with a camping con). Problem is no local waterpark and hotel setup exists near the twin cities that would have grown with the convention. It pretty much would have capped out at maybe 100 people before needing multiple hotels near by. And the hotel(s) and waterpark access contract cost would have made it pretty much a losing venture. 🙁

    The only place that one could get away with it in the multi-state area (that I know of) would be Wisconsin Dells, and they have Aquafur.

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    Huh interesting, I had no idea. And yeah, that was my guess, when I was looking at Great Wolf Lodge’s website it looked like there wouldn’t be enough rooms considering I was looking online and there were only around 400 rooms available. On top of that the rooms available for renting would fit less than 400 people in them. As well as that I’m sure the cost would be through the roof to rent everything. I kinda knew that this would be an uphill battle unfortunately. Still would be a really cool idea if some day in the future a new waterpark that could accomodate us were to pop uo,

    In the mean time I guess I’ll just have to settle roadtripping to Aquatifur haha.

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    Another thing to consider is what is the max people in the waterpark area. If it is being touted as a waterpark con and if the hotel can handle 400 people and the pool area can legally only do 150. That may disenfranchises a large part of your population.

    Also will the hotel let you have exclusive access to the waterpark or will you be sharing it with two kids’ birthday parties (kid you not that happen at one of your early events… The pool was jammed and very unconformable).

    Lots of fun logistics running a convention, and all stuff that you can learn by volunteering for any convention (be it a local fur or sci-fi/anime con or in another state).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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