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Finally saying hello~

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    Hello! I’m new to the MNFurs but I absolutely love it already. I went to FM2017, the fall picnic, and the holiday meet. I was actually in suit at the holiday meet! It was my first ever public suiting event and I had such a blast. If you happen to have pics or video if me in suit please let me see! I’m definitely going to be at the meet on the 25th (albeit a bit late).

    I do live just across the border in Wisconsin but I’m a born n reared Minnesotan lol

    A bit of stuff about me; I’m 28, somehow have a house, was an OTR trucker for three years, now a dog groomer. I love being as positive as I can be, especially since I have depression and anxiety. I’m co-rearing a baby human child with my weird huge friend family but won’t have any of my own, my boyfriend and I have tons of pets so no room (or want) for a human baby.

    I’m on most social media as dannyspiders or spiderbakesale if you want to add me!

    Thanks for existing, I love a strong and positive community: 3

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    You’ve been around longer than I have, but welcome all the same 😛

    Also ayyy another “I’m an MN fur even though I technically live in WI” fur 😀 (I’m just across the border as well)

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    Its really hard living in Wisconsin so close to Minnesota, you definitely don’t feel like you should call yourself a wisconsinite.

    Is your sona a hyena? Cos that’s so cool!

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    hello! welcome
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    Welcome to the community DannySpiders!
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    Hiya Danny!! Caw! It’s so nice to meet you!! I don’t know if you we’re at the last Oval meet or not but I could have sworn I saw you, I was a pink skull creature with hearts and sparkles on my face, courtesy of Sugerhoof :3 I’ve actually only started attending meets as of 5 months ago or so now? Started with Migration, that was a bust but that’s what happens when you try to start out big and go to a con right away with no knowledge of anyone there or have any friends to aid you XD But I later found more friends as I continued to talk on here and in the various partnered groups like Telegram and Discord.

    I’ve never actually been to Wisconsin truth be told. I have family there but only just recently have access to drive. i’m 22 so I’ve only just started adulating. I know, scary xD But I think I’m managing fine. I’d like to visit there one day tho. My friend told me the nature is great, and they have a really nice gay bar that he preforms at some times so they’d be cool to see. :3

    Also your a pet groomer?? That’s so cool!! What’s it like working with animals everyday? Is it stressful at all? Do you love being able to work with animals all the time? I’ve considered trying to go for a position working with animals at some point, even if it’s just general assistance I feel like I’d be a good source of learning about other animals and further my knowledge and experience with such lovable creatures~ as naive as that sounds XD

    Anyway it’s nice to have you apart of the group Danny, hope to hear from ya more!! 😀 *extends a wing* Btw I’m also a bird!! My sona is a Crow named Tundra. I think I actually posted a picture of my sona a while back in the art group. if you can’t find it in case your interested i could very well provide a linky. For now tho IT’s nice to meet a fello birb and hope that you enjoy your stay~ :3

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    Hey there Danny and welcome to the community!

    I remember seeing you at the Holiday Party and I am glad that you had a wonderful time.  Hope to see you at some of our future events.

    I am also part of the MNFurs staff so please let me know if you have any questions/concerns!  🙂

    ~ Drake M.

    B | Z   F [] X

    MNFurs Events Department Head - Having an idea, planning logistics, & putting them in motion is what I am here to help YOU do successfully

    MNFurs ~ 501(c3) Non-Profit Organization

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