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    This meet was brought to you by AMC Theatres and the fine folks at the Reddit company.

    After a year and a half of not doing any meets, we’re back. The meet went from Concord Lanes to the more friendly Tuttle’s venue.

    About two weeks ago I didn’t even know if we would fill one lane. Yesterday we had 44 attendees and 27 fursuiters (Rico, 2021). I am trying to find a central toilet to put all the media everyone wants to dump. As of right now the telegram chat is where footage goes. Press “media” to see. Clips greater than 2GB are not supported (they need to be chopped into smaller bits or downscaled before sending).

    The MNFurs administration helped a lot. Big thanks to Rico and Drake. I would also like to thank Alpha who helped herd the animal people.

    I told the venue we would have up to 30 but they nudged us into having the number of lanes we actually needed. Plans changed rapidly after that. This event’s bowling and shoes were covered until the end (the receipts were kept to play fun with taxes). The last two meets were pay what you want with no minimum and I’ve decided to keep that model. The issue is getting a place people can PWYW. Something that keeps records for at least seven years and limits the total amount would be ideal but if I told you all what it cost then overpaying shouldn’t be a concern (it was $500).

    Getting communication centralized is really important. That is being done through Telegram. The real-time announcements are here.

    The next meet will be at least a month from now. Tuttle’s has a new event coordinator that should be able to help with that. The venue also has my phone number.

    This entire event was about letting people have fun, figuring out what to organize, and planning how things should operate. Everyone was on their best behavior, and that is very much appreciated.

    Some lessons learned: the meeting area at the beginning is the bar area. I need to make sure pitchers of water are available at the very beginning (whoops). When the event is sundowning, names need to be removed before leaving. If a lane is left completely empty, it should be shut down and remaining bowlers should take a smaller number of lanes.

    At the next meet there will be flat binders with event information pointing out where we are and what to do. Troubleshooting and FAQ information will be inside. That will be run by Drake, then printed and published.

    Thank you all for coming. See you at FurBowl North 1!

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 5 months ago by anthroguymn.
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