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    I am a zebra in his mid-30s, and I have considered myself to be a furry since my early adolescence.  Admittedly, I haven’t gotten too involved in fandom-related activity.  Work has often kept me busy, and I am quite introverted; I don’t always come out of my “shell” at times, but I have gotten better at that.  Being a furry isn’t something I have openly admitted to in person. I was an open brony during the MLP fandom’s zenith, although I never quite got around to attending MLP-MSP while it existed.  Perhaps I should have gone there to get an idea of what conventions are like in hindsight, although there were a couple of complicating factors at the time: I was a full-time worker and a full-time college student from 2013 to 2015, and I got busy with job-related things and relocation the following year.  However, it was also easier to admit to being a brony in those days, as it had more of a mainstream following (there was a time when one could find MLP-related merchandise in any Hot Topic store).  Perhaps my shyness about being a fur is a bit irrational in nature, and I am hoping to become more open about it.

    I was born and raised in Mankato, but I currently reside in the Stillwater area. I am a proud oddball, sometimes wearing goofy T-shirts (especially unicorn-related ones) and nail polish.  I do like doing automotive work, although I don’t have too many opportunities to do such work (I don’t really have an area to work, given that I live in an apartment).  Not to mention that I have found that a properly maintained Toyota gives one very few problems in the first place.  I also enjoy reading (I have a sizeable personal library, and I am subscribed to three periodicals) and firearm-related things (target shooting, reloading ammunition, basic research, basic maintenance and repair, etc.).  I was a gamer when I was younger, but I have largely lost interest in video games. I also do some basic working out at the gym.  I also listen to a variety of music, although much of it is just as old as I am, if not older (a lot of the music I like is classical or from the 1980s).

    As for Minnesota Furs, I have known of the organization for years.  I have finally gotten around to looking around a bit.


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    • This topic was modified 1 week, 1 day ago by Sammy.
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    hi I’m Bjorn and it sounds like you had a awesome life . and this fandom will always be in open arms so I hope you have a great experience in the fandom
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