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Hello Everyone!

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    Hello everyone! My name is Sigil! I’m a gamer, especially tabletop games. I was a brony for a few years, and I love to watch anime and sci-fi. I identify as Wiccan, although I’m fairly new to the practice. I’m particularly fond of Star Wars and RPGs (especially if I can fit both in the same activity). Tabletop games and role-playing games help me cope with my social anxiety, and give me an easier way to interact with people.


    I have a couple friends who are in the community, even though I’m not a fur personally. However, I’ve heard the fur community is pretty accepting of the LGBTQA community, and being trans and bi myself, I was wondering: How has the furry community helped you with your identity and, if it’s been a part of your journey, your transition?

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    Welcome to the group! You most definitely do not have to be a furry to be here. Some of my best friends I’ve met through MNFurs were into anime and just fans of art in general – anthro or otherwise.

    Cool question. Furry gave me confidence in myself. Confidence in my choices, my sexuality, my ability to be a public speaker and express my ideas. I probably would have never gotten into event planning without it.

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    Welcome! 🙂

    I’ve certainly found a community that has allowed myself to be who I am, I’ve certainly explored a bit more since making a good friend in the community.

    It’s made it more concrete about who I am, and given me a sense of challenge and growth! While comfortable before, I always knew there was something a little more to be discovered, being a part of this community has been a great experience thus far! 🙂

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    Hi Sigil,
    star wars and tabletop gamer? whew, theres a good amount of people looking for more players like you in this community
    i myself am not much of a gamer but once in a blue moon i’ll want to play something, so long as it dosn’t feel like a chore ya know?
    you say you are trans? ive met a good few through the convention Furry Migration last year and they were very nice.
    the furry community im not so much into, yes i have a lioness sona but im not too deep into it.
    with the friends i have met recently have been helping me get out of my shell and discover myself more.

    I hope in your journey here you are able to find some friends too.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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