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Hello everyone!

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    Hi there!

    You can call me Wren. I joined the community back in high school, fell away from it during college, and am sorta falling back in now it seems. Minnesota born and raised, but first time with this group (or any real group; back then I really only stuck to FA and didn’t connect too much with folks).

    As far as how I first heard of MNFurs: the wonderful world of Google. Watched a youtube video that suggested searching for local groups, and here you are!

    Apologies if I’m not too active on here, I just set up a telegram and am still trying to make sense of it, but I should be able to be reached there. (Otherwise, feel free to message me on Twitter @WrenYena 😀 )

    I’m also considering purchasing a day pass for the WereCamp coming up to check it out! I’ll be fully honest in that it’s a little stressful, as it’ll be a group of folks I’ve never really met before, but I figure that in a month’s time I’ll hopefully have chatted with enough people and will still have a fun time.

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    Welcome! I got here through a random reddit post lol
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    Howdy Wren!! Welcome to MNFurs!! It’s so nice to nice to be able to meet more folks that come around these parts :3 *extends a wing to you* My name is ROSAI also known as Spade “My Fursona’s name” I am also newer to this group only being about 2 months old now, and I can assure you that if you are concerned about meeting people or having anxiety around newer folks then don’t be cuz the people within this community are very welcoming, friendly and most important they vary. Your sure to find your group of friends here so long as you stay with it and keep looking :3

    I actually discovered this group myself after participating at the Furry Migration con back in minneapolis earlier this year cuz I was trying to find more furry friends to mingle and hang out with. Didn’t have much lucky there. But that makes sense given it was a con. Heard about this group and all the events and so far I’ve had nothing but good times 🙂

    Also in regards to Werecamp just remember that any furry you interact with is probably gonna end up feeling about the same as you might upon first impression. Most of us have had the bugs when we first started attending events so just relax and try to be as approachable as possible and don’t worry about being judged or any issues you might have. Just be yourself and have fun. Especially considering it’s a camping trip! If you go be sure to take lots of photos to share!! I wanted to go but I can’t sadly cuz of work lol. Being an adult is fun :3

    Anyway hope you enjoy your stay and hope to see you around at future events. :3

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    Thanks for the warm welcome! 😀 And I hear you on the wonderful world of adulting: I’ll be starting a 40 hr/week internship that same week to finish one of my degrees, which is why I’m looking at only doing a day pass instead of the full weekend. Even with the nervous jitters, I’m pretty excited and hopeful for it!
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    Welcome, i ended up finding the site the same way
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    Welcome to the group! What part of Minnesota are you from? ^_^

    MNFurs is a 501(c3) educational non-profit organization. We provide events in the Minnesota area, but we also provide learning opportunities, scholarship programs, and we provide charitable work with our members for others nonprofit organizations. Our board of directors is elected each year by our membership, from our membership

    President of MNFurs
    Furry Migration Hotel Liaison

    Need help with something? Ask me!

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    I’m from down in Rochester, and living in a mix between there and La Crosse (WI) for work/school.

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    Hey there Wren and welcome to MNFurs!

    I am Drake and it’s nice to meet you.  *Paw shake*

    I hope to see you at some of our upcoming events as well as some of the meets.

    I am also part of the MNFurs staff so please let me know if you have any questions/concerns!

    ~ Drake M.

    B | Z   F [] X

    MNFurs Events Department Head - Having an idea, planning logistics, & putting them in motion is what I am here to help YOU do successfully

    MNFurs ~ 501(c3) Non-Profit Organization

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    Thank you very much 😀


    I’m signed up for a day pass for WereCamp and am looking forward to that, and if I’m able to do so I may be making the trip up for the holiday party as well 🙂

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    Welcome (back) to the community Wren!
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    I found it via websearch while looking for local stuff to do. Hiya.
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