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Hello, new to MNFurs, new to the fandom

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    Hello everyone,

    As the topic might suggest, I’m new to both MNFurs and relatively new to the fandom altogether. I’ve always liked all things anthro, but I didn’t know there was a name for it or an actual following til I read some hateful comments on a YouTube video. Kinda backfired on the haters, fun when that happens.


    Anywho, I was directed to MNFurs by a very generous friend. I told her about my interests, and she thought that was just marvelous. She brought FurMigration to my attention and encouraged me to go. I agreed to just dive in head-first, because that’s kind of how I am with new things. I had also been encouraged by others to strap on some ears and a tail and go – see if it’s my kind of scene or not.


    Well, shortly after I had made that decision, I lost my job as an engineer. This friend knew I had planned to practically live off saltines and water so I could spend every penny on furry gear so I could go to the event as full-out as possible, but suddenly my financial priorities had shifted, as you can understand.


    But this friend and I were in agreement that the most important thing in life is to have fun, and have good experiences. So she bought me everything I needed to get started and go to the event no matter what. That’s a true friend, right there.


    So I owe it to her to be as prepared as possible for the event by September; normally, I’d just wing it, but winging it doesn’t always go my way so I owe it to her to approach this whole thing as informed as possible. I figured I’d go directly to the source for that, and that’s what brings me here.


    I know, I’m wordy, but thanks for reading. My heart is just full to bursting from said unexpected act of generosity, so much so I wish I could tell the whole world. Just seems like an excellent note on which to get things started.

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    That is a great note! I’m sorry to hear about you losing your job though. Either way, welcome to the group!
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    Welcome to MNFurs! I’m Aerak, the president of the group.

    If you are interested at all in testing the waters before Furry Migration, a list of upcoming events is at the bottom of the website. 🙂

    MNFurs is a 501(c3) educational non-profit organization. We provide events in the Minnesota area, but we also provide learning opportunities, scholarship programs, and we provide charitable work with our members for others nonprofit organizations. Our board of directors is elected each year by our membership, from our membership

    President of MNFurs
    Furry Migration Hotel Liaison

    Need help with something? Ask me!

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    Welcome Luciano, hope you enjoy the community!
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