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Hello There!

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    What’s up, furry fam. Hope all is going well. My name is Tyler, but most people refer to me by Crozzworkz. My fursona would have to be some sort of wolf with red and black fur. There’s a reason for the color choice. Besides being a furry. I’m actually a DJ of all things. I love music, (specially EDM, all kinds). Huge Skrillex fan, hence the color scheme. My DJ style is very similar to his. I get to DJ with the Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx. Coincidence for being a furry right? Of all the teams. Lol. I love working at Target Center, kind of my home away from home. I work alongside my friend, DJ Mad Mardigan whom some of you may have heard of. He’s pretty big in the DJ scene. So, Why did I join the fandom and MNFurs? I love that the fandom gives me the ability to be myself. I tried a lot of different groups, but this one was my favorite. I got hooked on it, from watching rave footage from various conventions. The EDM community has a strong following here and I love that as a producer and DJ. My dream one day is to perform at a con and play a live show. I also have an album that I’m working on too. I love it! I’m kind of a “party animal”. In all senses of the word. Lol. If you ever need music for a party, I can do it! Hope to come and rave with you all someday.
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    Hey Tyler, welcome aboard! I’m a bit of an EDM fan myself, but mostly listen to chill electronic
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    Hi Crozzworks! Welcome to MNFurs!

    I love EDM – definitely my favorite type of music. I love the energy of it. And that’s super cool by the way that you get to DJ at Target Center. If you are interested at all, we have our local furry convention, http://www.furrymigration.org – maybe stop on by there. I’m sure we could use another DJ. =)

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    Hey there, and welcome! 😀

    It’s always awesome meeting folks who are into music (mixing and making music is really interesting to me, even if I don’t do much of it myself). I hope you enjoy your time here, and hopefully you can share some of your work with us (either on here or at a future event 😛 )

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    Hi there Crozzworkz and welcome to the fun community that is MNFurs!

    My name is Drake and it’s nice to meet you.  *Paw shake*

    I hope to see you at some of our upcoming events and meets…Speaking of, the Holiday Party is in a couple of weeks – DETAILS HERE!

    I am also part of the MNFurs staff so please let me know if you have any questions/concerns!

    ~ Drake M.

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    I’m looking into maybe doing that. I have to see with my plans for the week. It’s going to get very busy soon for me. Lots of gigs going on, and that’s always a good thing. Busy time for me right now, I can try and pencil it in. I’ve got a lot of dance music productions in the works right now. I finished a production that’s going to be played at Wolves games very soon. My remix on Heads Will Roll by the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s. It’s a trance version. I make mostly dubstep and trap productions myself. I got DJ support from at least 12 different producers. I even got DJ S3RL once! Been friends ever since. Also, You never know where I’ll bring my stuff at times. I may bring them to MNFurs events sometimes to. If you ever need a music vibe. You can find my music on my Soundcloud. Just search DJ Crozzworkz and you’ll find me. I’ll work on a demo for the migration as well. Made one before and scrapped it. It had 70 songs in an hour.
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    Welcome to the community Crozzworkz!
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