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Help Wanted

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    As we gear up for Furry Migration 2015, we have several staff positions available.

    Almost all of these position all but guarantee 20 volunteer hours for voting rights. Plus, you will be able to offer direct input not only to the look and feel of this years convention, but also future conventions.   This list will update as positions from various departments open up/ask for additional support and also get filled up as people step forward.

    What is also nice is many of these positions DO NOT require you to work the entire convention.  Many of them require extensive prep work prior to convention, but only around 4-9 hours of at convention work.  This leaves plenty of time to enjoy the rest of your convention.

    A Head position means this is new department and needs a lead.

    Co-Head means there is existing Head that needs help or new position that could use up to 2 people.

    Positions currently available:

    Video rooms, Co-Head: creating playlist, getting rights, setting up and returning rooms; reports to programming.  i got a main person willing to write letters and get rights, but still need co head and volunteers to make sure we have all night showings.

    Game Show, This has been filled, but looking for 2 more volunteers as they want to run 2 games shows this year.   If interested, I’ll put you in touch with them.

    Artist Alley, Co-head, future head: Finalizing rules and hours, collecting forms and fees, perform lotteries and seating lists if necessary; reports to Conchair

    Art show; Head and co, Head: One of our former heads went to pubs and other life got complicated, so this department has no lead currently. However, Database, grids, hang tabs, etc.  and a good deal of “hard work” is already done, but still needs people to check in, process bids, sent out checks and reports.  This department is mostly plug and play at this point; reports to Conchair

    Volunteers; Co-head: help Migrate to digital reporting system, get expectations of needs from departments, assign volunteers, track and report volunteers and their hours at convention; Reports to Conchair

    Sponsors; making sure that sponsors get their extra swag, work with hotel for banquet as we have a real restaurant this year, and implement any other perks we may have.  Reports to Registration.

    Iron Artist and Iron Pen: Co head.  someone who wants to process entries and tally votes. This includes making sure entries are displayed anonymously and promptly.  Content is confirmed and vote process traceable.    Tally open votes and then presenting to GOH judges.  Presenting results.  Reports to Programming.


    Fursuit games:   Head is now Snap. Reports to Ringer in fursuiting. Ask either if you wish to help (if not here, Ringer may need some help for his other events)


    Lastly, if you feel the convention is still missing that “essential something” but you are willing to put in the hours to make it happen, Please contact me and we will see what is possible.


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    Fursuit games here.      Dona and I shall bring it!

    Furry Migration Staff (Volunteers) & MNFurs Board Member.

    Posts on the MNFurs forums are of my own opinion and do not reflect that of MNFurs or chartered events unless otherwise stated.


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    Dont want to be staff,.. But glad to volunteer, .. Where ever ya need a gray
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    As Cencewolf said however I would not mind helping with check-in or being a wandering staff

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    Thank you Snap!

    Updated first post on your role but looking for second so you do not have do it alone, update: games starting to look like the Sunday morning/noon event.

    Um… Cence, May I put you in with logistics, which does most of work Thursday and late Sunday with tons of loading/unloading and heavy lifting.  Good 10 volunteer hours but almost no interference on convention time, Does that work for you?

    Sauce, PM me on your interests more specifically.  I may have a co/head position that would work for you that does not require you to know it but willing to back up when busy, does that work?

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    I’d be interested to be a volunteer for game shows. How do I get in touch with those people?
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    Velli Wolf wrote:

    I’d be interested to be a volunteer for game shows. How do I get in touch with those people?


    I’m the guy in charge of the Game Shows, I know we are going to need some help at the con (survey tallying for Furry Feud, Contestant Gathering for both Shows, etc.) If you are interested go ahead and send me a message.

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    Damn,. Didnt even see this updated thread until today.


    Yeah ill be glad to help load/unload… What ever needs to be done,  Also, i likely work on thursday,… So i can head up to the cities afterward, just not sure what time i will be arriving. I can also help out during the con with a few exceotion times (that im not exactly sure about as programming is not “finalized”) so let me know.

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    It looks like this was last updated two weeks ago. It might need to be updated again. I know a lot of things were updated at the most recent Meeting. From what I know about myself:

    I might be taking night shift movie room with Utaku-Beta, or I might end up running the ArtShow once I get into contact with Cyn.

    Co-running in the art area with Gameshow with TenPin.

    I’m also providing info to Ski-Sharp for the Artists Alley.

    When things look down, challenge them by looking up and seeing the light.

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    Had some important things to do with programming this weekend.  But updating now.

    To Cence: Let me know what ETA is on Thursday, that will dictate a lot in the move in schedule.  We get possession at Thursday 5pm and work that night and Friday morning to set things up. We just got hotel assignments so we are starting on implementation schedules now.

    To Velli: Cypher (Tenpin) is currently lead but has 2 shows so I’m sure he could use the help.  I leave implementation in his capable hands.

    To: any night owls or Early birds! (or any nocturnal or early morning species) We have a lead for video rooms! But they could really use some help running them between hours of midnight to 9am (potentially).  Get your easy volunteer hours by checking badges at door and watching furry series and movies.

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    I would like to be staff and also volunteer, but somehow we are having email problems.

    I’ll arrive Thursday, but I have not heard if they want the curtain wall or the printer this year.

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    If there is any need for last minute volunteers, I will be available Saturday afternoon through Sunday evening. I don’t have a Migration badge (prior commitments) so I can’t attend the full Con, but would love to help out and meet a few of you if I can!

    If it’s not doable, i understand, just figured i’d offer 🙂

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    Andrew – Day passes will be sold at the door. If you buy the Day Pass for Sat it will be good for Sunday as well.

    -- MNFurs Photography Head--

    Want a Photographer at an event? Want to help out with Photography at an event? PM me!

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    I’ll definitely consider it. Biggest issue is I’m an hour away and would need a hotel room to crash in. I’ll make up my mind for sure in a day or two, it’d be my first real furry event, not just a normal con
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    Well it’s a no go for me now. Going to be dog-sitting at my parents house all weekend while they’re out of town. Have fun everyone! I’m excited to see all the pics 🙂
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