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    Been meaning to do one of these introduction things for a while but for some reason didn’t bother doing it until now despite being in this community for over a year lmao.

    So, hi! You can call me Ace, I’ve been a furry since around late 2017. I am a trans(he/they pronouns please!), aroace small artist and fursuit maker. I am a bit anxious as I struggle with anxiety, so if you ever see me at a meet and I’m a bit awkard that’s why lmao. I love animals, art, and cartoons! I’m interested in studying art and biology as they’re my two passions.

    As I said, I’ve been in the fandom since around 2017. I didn’t really start to become active in the real life furry scene until 2019 when I went to Furry Migration, which was my first con ever!!! Through Furry Migration I found MNFurs and here I am. I’ve only gone to one meet since corona kinda got in the way, but I’m hopeful that once all this passes and it is finally safe again to meet up that I can meet some new friends and have some fun!

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