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    I’ve actually been apart of the MN Furs for a while now, but just haven’t gotten around to making an account on this site. I’ll be moving towards the Minneapolis area very soon, currently I live in Duluth. I’d like to get more involved with Minneapolis meets once I move!

    But some info about me, I like Disney movies, huuuge Marvel nerd, and I am a Fursona Pins enthusiast (seriously, I have way too many, its a problem.) Moving to go back to school to get a nursing degree at a community college. My character is a Dutch Angel Dragon, I do own a fursuit of him, and will hopefully get my new head of my other character soon, Mocha, who I commissioned from Monster Cat Creations.

    I own two sugar gliders named Kiwi and Grasas, a dog named Max, a betta fish named Feesh, and a goldfish named Jerry. I like Halloween and Christmas maybe a little too much and I enjoy all sorts of art! Anyways I hope to see some of you Minneapolis furs at a meet sometime soon!

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    Your suit/character is so darn cute!!!! It looks familiar, were you at FM this year? ;w; Duluth is so nice, I love visiting there!! I live in Saint Paul so I don’t get to go often but it’s always so lovely.

    I love Marvel too aaaa!!! Are you more into the comics or MCU? ( or both c: ) Your pets sound so cute btw, I love their names!! ;w;

    I made an account for MN furs awhile back but am just getting involved with events now, so maybe we’ll see each other at some of the meets!

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    Hello and welcome to the site then Abigail!

    Nocturnal - You will rarely see me during the day, I work nights
    Demi-Sexual - Fun first, flirt later
    Foodie - Food Adventures constantly, not a fan of fish though

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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