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Kids: What Kind of Fur Events Would You Attend With Your Parents?

Home Forums Parents of Furry Youth Kids: What Kind of Fur Events Would You Attend With Your Parents?

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    Hey now, here’s one for all you younger, more energetic sets. Kids, your parents want to be involved while you’re doing stuff with the furry fandom.

    So what do you think they could do with you as part of it? How would you involve them, in an ideal world? Got any ideas? Or got ideas to keep the parents busy and happy while you have fun say, fursuiting about, or playing some games, or talking that cool commission you just got of your character?

    Share your ideas here – let’s see if we can’t make parents a little less un-cool!

    (I am totally aware of how uncool I sound with this. But hey, let’s chat, who knows what comes out of it right?)

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    Even tho im a bit older. If I ever decided to risk bringing a family member to a fur event. Id probably one of the out door meets like zooboo or werecamp or a like.


    My family favors the out doors. So id be the best enviroment I feel to acquant them with and allow them to see what being a furry stands for. Also for the experience from the event but ya know. :3

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    I would love to be able to go fursuiting with furs my age or even just chat would be nice! I know that my mom does like to get to know other parents and my dad can be a social butterfly at times so something where the parents can chat while I get to hang out would be great. I was thinking something like a picnic would be great but I normally don’t get to go to the other fall and spring picnics because there aren’t any furs my age that go (From what I have been told).

    The greatest value comes from loving yourself for who you are.

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    I attend most of the meets/cons with my grandmother accompanying me, same goes for my other friends my age! I submitted a fursuit romp for events but it’s not up on the forums yet but I think that’d be a great way to meet up with other younger furs & for our parents to introduce! :))
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    A lot of great ideas so far! Everyone seems to like outdoor events – maybe we should look into them more for sure!

    SugarCube, well, there have been times younger furs have, and if you go, and we invite the others, well that’d be a good sized group, don’t you think? 🙂

    Keep’em coming! Awesome ideas!

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    I still haven’t told my parents about any of this, so I have no clue what I would bring them to, if they ever found out and were curious
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    Something that makes the fandom seem like a friendly place… my parents just found out I’m a furry and they don’t feel very good about it.. anything that is fun and nice, highlighting the positives.
Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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