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Long time furry, first time caller

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    Hi, I’m Nicky. I’ve knowingly been a furry since 2007, but I haven’t made contact with the community until now.

    I’m a 27YO software engineer just outside St. Paul. My interests include video games, VR, game dev, rock climbing, biking, sushi, and board games.

    I heard about MN Furs quite recently from my ex, she wanted to know why none of my friends are furs. I guess I have always relied on meeting new people via friends of friends.

    I used to be a fox, more recently I’ve been alternating between fox and raccoon.

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    Hey Nicky!

    Wow, a lot of our interests align and I got into the fandom roughly the same time, in 2007. I am south of the cities in the “Eagan” area.

    30YO Software Engineer myself as well. I’ve been playing with Gamemaker (GM6 back when I started, GM:S now) but been getting into Godot for the past couple years. I also like climbing, I try to get to Vertical Endeavors once a month, but making that more frequent going into 2022.

    We should chat / connect sometime.

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    Furry Migration Staff (Video Head & Digital Signage) & MNFurs President.

    Come say hi on the MNFurs Discord!

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    Hi DrRaccoon!

    Nice! I guess I should say I am just east of St. Paul.

    I got into gamemaker in college and then switched to unity. I just started with Godot last year, I like it a lot so far. I used to climb weekly but the pandemic caused me to fall off, I only went a few times in 2021. Going climbing more regularly would be great.

    Oh, I didn’t know MNFurs had a discord. I’ll join there now.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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