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Looking for a place

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    I am currently living in St.paul and am in a place that was always meant to be temporary. I was planning on moving out as soon as my disability application was either denied or accepted, but I havent heard anything yet. The process started in December. I moved into the place where im at now back in March and the stress levels are beginning to be an issue.


    As of now, I have no income. I havent been able to find or look for a job because it could hurt my chances of getting the disability benefits (My mom is going through issues with the disability people right now because of her 3 day a week job, so even part time is out of the question.) If the application is denied, I plan on trying to go for cash assistance through the DHS. Im already on SNAP, so food isnt an issue. I dont have a vehicle (Since…you know…no income) But I do have an active license, so I can drive. My credit is also REALLY bad right now, so any place that needs a good credit score is out of my ability currently.

    As far as how I am in a living situation, I am pretty quiet. Stay to myself mostly and am usually always on my computer if im not off doing something else. Regular showers, brushed teeth, all that good stuff. (And yes, deodorant)

    I know this sort of thing is asking for a lot, but really I just need a place to stay while all of this disability stuff is working itself out. I have my own bed and desk’s and all that kind of stuff, and a storage unit that a lot of my stuff is already in right now.

    My Discord is Raigoth#6339

    If anyone has an extra room or anything, please dont hesitate to message me and ask any questions. Im pretty much an open book.

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    Telegram is Raigoth5
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    Alright, gonna update this a bit.

    I am now getting financial assistance. I get a small bit of cash help from the state now, around 200 a month. I also still get my food stamps, 340 a month (250 on the 13th of each month, and then another 90 a couple of weeks later.)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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