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    Being new to MNF I don’t know if we have a flag and asking around it seems like we don’t. So given I like vexillology and heraldry I decided to make one in the hopes people like it enough to make it official. If not, well I had fun making it. Let me know your thoughts: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16235308/

    Symbols: A blue line for land of 10,000 lakes and the clear night skies, a green line for the natural beauty and the fertile fields. Then a white wavy line for Minnesota Nice and the rivers that flow through the center of our state and bring us together. In the center, we have a white disk with a blue center where the furry paw is surrounded by 68 circles representing the 67 counties of our state and an extra one for our independence. Twenty stars making one great star, to represents Minnesota as the North Star State. While the smaller four-star clusters represent the four main cities in the metro area, the north, west, east, and south. MNF for the Minnesota Furs group but combined together to show we are one and it is hard to separate us. While on the right, MNF is mirrored so no matter what side you look at the flag from you can still see MNF.

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    I'm just a Hodgepodge.

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    That has some solid and interesting design choices. I see some really good things here.

    But there is some existing branding it may conflict with.

    My basic understanding is to keep “branding” of the MNfurs logo, icons, flag, as universal as possible.  This is significantly different from what we already have (the existing MNF logo).  I’m no marketing expert, but my understanding  is branding rules of any company is to try to be as constant as possible to solidify identify , non profit or otherwise.   However, re-inventions and redesigns are nothing new to any group.  You obviously have some talent.  My hope is that either you to BOD (board of directors) or them to you, someone will tap you for you talents may it be website design or upcoming publications.  Would you be open to that?

    BTW, I’m not on the board, but I keep myself informed on the workings enough that I know who to push where when people are willing to discuss things.

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    Flip is right…about a lot. Main point is it all comes down to branding. MNFurs is a nonprofit corporation and we have a designated font and color pallet, along with the official logo at the top of the website. It’s awesome that you were inspired to make this flag, it shows a lot of thought and it has some interesting design choices, but unfortunately it’s not something we can use as an official part of the MNFurs brand. That said, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you using it to show your own pride in the local community, and I definitely think if a flag is something the community wants and the board decides to pursue, we may tap you on the shoulder and see if you are interested in helping. 🙂
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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