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oi gang,

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    what’s up ? i go by j.dot online, i’m 18 (as of a month ago), from sherburne county, and use he/they but any pronouns are fine

    i’ve lurked the fandom for a good two years now (mostly in denial lol) but only had the desire to start being a more active participant in it after i saw the english dub of beastars when it hit western shores. as for how i found this group, tho … it just turned up one day in the ‘connect’ tab on twitter a couple weeks ago and i was like wait, minnesota has a community of furries ?? lets gooooooo

    i’m excited to take greater strides into the fandom cos 1.)  when i knew i wanted to join, i told myself i wasn’t gonna rush a fursona into existence but just let the ideas come when they come, and over the pandemic, they have come. a crapton of them. the next step is to find artist(s) who understand completely what i’m going for, and then executing the concept … and 2.) i wanna bring ideas in from outside the traditional realm of the fandom while still maintaining the acceptance and safe space it’s known for. i wouldn’t consider myself a gamer (but i do have a switch and some games for it … not using it rn tho ‘cos school), and i don’t really identify with nerd/geek culture in general as much as i know most furs do. but i don’t wanna shut anybody out on sight. i’ll try my best to be a friend to anyone that wants my friendship, and who knows, i might find you Super Cool™. i was always afraid to be associated or have associations with furries because of how weird most of them that i encountered in the early days were, but now i’m long past the initial weirdness of it all. to be someone that new arrivals could go to and feel safe under while they’re questioning themselves would be nice and cool

    i have a lot to reveal & hope it’ll come out sooner than later; if you wanna hmu, there’s my twitter (@not_tfb_) and discord (@j.dot#7405). in the meantime, take care of yourselves and others, wear masks, hydrate, and we can end this virus soon so i can meet you lovely ppl in person and get fluffy snuggs … altho that might be hard in itself cos i don’t know how i’d get to any furmeets … i don’t have a licence and sure as heck i’m not telling my parents outright that i’m a furry (tho i think they know by now)

    i shouldn’t blab on any more cos yikes that’s a lot of words … i’ll sign off now … i love y’all, and i’m excited for what’s to come. take care. -j

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    Welcome to MN Furs!! I saw that you’re looking for an artist to bring your fursona to life and I am a small furry artist! I draw and do character desing! If you’re interested I can send you some of my work on Discord or somewhere?
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    mmm yes !! lemme see
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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