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Owatonna Meet

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    Given that there needs to be some initiative in starting some non-metro meets, I figured that Owatonna would be a good central location for southern Minnesota. I’ve been in light discussion about the idea for some time now, but feel that I’ll finally commit to it.

    For those in Rochester, it’d be 45 minutes less of a drive to the biweekly meet (which is a 1 hour, 30 minute drive). And for those in Mankato, it’d be about a 30 minute less of a drive (rather than a whole 1 hour, 20 minutes). Though my intention is not to ‘replace’ the official biweekly meets.

    I reside in Faribault, and there’s honestly not much of anything here, and unfortunately I don’t know Owatonna too well. Therefore, I’m certainly open for any input of recommended locations in Owatonna to look into for hosting a local meet. I’m willing to handle any of the administrative work of contacting a location for reservations, further research, and any other work that it’d entail.

    My intention is a small simple restaurant meet, not something of renting out a large area or anything on a bigger scale. But suggestions don’t have to be limited to restaurants, if someone can come up with something creative.

    Note to staff: This is simply a planning thread and not an official announcement. I’ll follow up further with staff when a more concrete plan is established (such as with location and such).

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    I’ll see if I can make it now that I have time. 🙂

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    Hmm… Well, I’m from LeCenter, and the only place I really know in Owatana is the “Famous Dave’s” by Cabela’s, but that may not be the best choice.

    I'm not crazy, I'm just... Okay, yeah maybe I'm a little nuts.

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    Alright, it’s been eons since I’ve tried working on this last. I’ll see if I can get something arranged within a week or two after Halloween. If I don’t narrow down any specifics within a week, anyone’s allowed to pester me about it.
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    Hey Takyoji !

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with on this.  Out of curiosity I was poking around the City of Owatonna website and it sounds like there is plenty of parks with pavilions…Not sure about any community centers, or at least I have not found any links to any in digging around on the website.  Perhaps a little picnic or fursuit/non-suit romp/get-together is an idea or whatever you come up with.  🙂

    I must admit that I am not familiar with Owatonna and only what I see when I’ve passed through it on trips.  I know other community members reside in or around though so that is one avenue in your research.

    Again, look forward to hearing more details on this!

    ~ Drake M.

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    I guess I haven’t looked into parks in the area yet, just restaurants. I suppose it comes down to what people in the local area would prefer to do. Not sure if it’s getting late in the year for any park/picnic meets. Perhaps I might compile a basic survey to gauge interest between choices (as well as see how many folks would be interested).
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    Weather-wise, if you plan on a November gathering, it could still work.  I agree with you though, gauge interest from the area locally and plan from there.  The next couple of months are relatively open.

    Once you find something and it’s in motion, anyone remotely will decide if they want to make the drive down.  About an hour from where I live which is nice!

    Again, good luck and you have my interest in this.

    ~ Drake M.

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    MNFurs Events Department Head - Having an idea, planning logistics, & putting them in motion is what we are here to help YOU do successfully

    Furry Migration Programming Co-Head - Have an event you want to talk about that you want to see at FM this year?  Let me know!

    MNFurs ~ 501(c3) Non-Profit Organization

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    I’ve compiled a survey to gather information for organizing a meet, of which can be filled out at:


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    I currently live and work in Owatonna and there really is not to much in the way of things to do in Owatonna. There’s a Applebee’s, Bufflo Wild Wings, and other places like them here. There’s just not much in the way of fun actives or places to go like the cities.
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    While I do agree with Nic in the lack of places, that can’t  mean we shouldn’t try. It’s a good thing when you don’t have to drive an hour away just to get in the vicinity of other furries, particularly on this end.
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    I’ve previously gone through and compiled a spreadsheet of restaurants in the Owatonna area totaling to 42 locations, from information available online. I haven’t gone down the list yet to see which ones are actually open, and of which ones may be able to handle a group (if it’s more than like 6 people or something).

    Also, I’m quite surprised to see some people marking interest for “Coffee House Coders” (basically a coffee meet involving laptops, of people working on software development projects, and helping others out with any issues), as I thought nobody would have interest at all.

    Saturday seems to be the most mutually available day across everyone, so far.

    The list of businesses in my spreadsheet are (feel free to point out any that have closed): Avage Azul, Andiamo Italian Restorante, Applebees, Asian Kitchen, Blast Softserve, Buck’s Pizza, Buffalo Wild Wings 282, Caribou Coffee, Central Park Coffee Co, China Buffet, Costas’ Candies & Restaurant, Culver’s of Owatonna, Dairy Queen Grill & Chill, Domino’s Pizza, East Wind Buffer, El Patron Mexican Grill & Cantina, El Tequila Mexican Restaurant, Famous Dave’s BBQ, Fireside Coffee Beans & Laundry, George’s of Geneva, Godfather’s Pizza, Grace Tex-Mex, The Kernel Restaurant, The Kitchen, Mizuki Fusion, Nick’s Pizza Palace, Old Town Bagels, Panda Express, Perkins Restaurant & Bakery, Pizza Hut, Pizza Ranch, Plaza Morena Campestre Grill, Rose Street Pizzeria, Russell Stover Candies, Starbucks, Taco Johns, A Taste of the Big Apple, Timber Lodge Steakhouse, Torey’s Restaurant & Bar, Wagner’s Lunch, Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers, Wings Tavern & Grille

    I think that’s a little more than what we have in Faribault. And you folks actually have a movie theater, the one in Faribault closed a 2-3 years ago.

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    Coffee House Coders sounds fun. Have some things on my laptop I could use a smarter fur for XD. I’m down. 🙂

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    There’s been a total of 5 submissions, last on Oct 29th. So I figure in the largest scale, it’ll probably be 8 people at most. Saturday is the most reciprocal day.

    Next Saturday (November 14th) there isn’t any events planned on the MNFurs calendar, so I figure that would probably be an ideal day. I would probably say 4pm-8pm for the time. It’ll probably just be a restaurant meet to start off with, of which I have to choose a location for yet.

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    I think I will be able to come then if it is next Saturday.
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    I got two. Me and other guy ^^
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