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Pack Your Bags for the 1600 Mile Move (What’s up y’all!)

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    The big move has finally happened. A week or so ago I moved to Minneapolis for work from Tampa, FL. Saying I don’t know much about the area would be the understatement of the year, but I did grow up and go to college in Buffalo, NY, so the climate is the only thing that seems oddly familiar to me (and maybe not in the best way since its still only 50 degrees in May?) Although I do have a sona, I go by either Reeve, or Mitchell. I don’t necessarily have a preference. Whatever floats your personal taste I won’t hold against you. Go wild.

    Now I’ll be pretty straight with all you here. I am a 23-year-old extroverted fur that has always been under the radar when it comes to fandom. Now that I moved to a new city, in a state I’ve never set foot in, I can confidently say I know ABSOLUTELY no one within at least 800 miles (I be getting the stir-crazy vibes and NEED to get out). I am hoping to begin building my friend base around the furry community, which I’ve been interested since I was in middle school. Something about it has always been so fun and inviting. So, I don’t see any other reason not to begin getting myself out there in the community, starting with you all.

    More or less a quick background about me is that I am the jack-of-all-trade’s kind of person. I consider myself to be a well-rounded individual that can relate and talk about pretty much anything with just about anyone. I like gaming like any of my other fellow nerds out there. I love racing and riding my motorcycle just like the gearheads. Visiting breweries or coffee shops is pretty much a regular occurrence for me (hit me up with recommendations). You name it, there is probably something I love about it.

    So yeah, pretty high-level explanation. New guy in town that likes to go out and meet new people. Give me a shout and let’s find a place to hang.

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    Welcomes.  Most communication in the group is done via Telegram Group.  PM me on Telegram for help.  @PepperFox
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    hey there! i just actually moved from florida last month! though i was about 4 hours more south of you though. welcome to the cold & dry side of the country, make sure to use a ton of lotion! my poor floridian skin is not taking to the dryness well.
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    Yoooo, you are so right. I don’t know how I used to live in the northeast. I get here from Florida and immediately my skin is all dried out. I miss Florida already! Then again, it is kinda nice not walking into 100% humidity anymore. Hit me up to chat on telegram! @reevemw
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    Nice to see another New Yorker.  Went to school in the Hudson valley and spent many a summer working the B&B’s of Lake Champlain. Ask any questions and the group will likely provide many answers.  Big event to meet everyone is Spring Picnic.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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