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Panel Help: Art and Emotions into Words

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    My name is (now) Michelle and in the fandom I go by MichShelly (previously Farellemoon).

    I wanted to start putting together some panels for conventions centered around Mental Health specifically aimed at my fellow artists who have mental health challenges. One of the things I think could be a really significant panel to do has been something that has been incredibly game changing for myself of learning how to record my thoughts and feelings when making art or completing a piece in such a way that I can take those translations into therapy to work through.

    My main idea is to go do this strictly from a patient/artist perspective of my journey over the past year picking out several things I don’t mind sharing of what I drew, what I recorded, and what ultimately came from it. It is, in a way, basically ‘Art Therapy’ but in a way anyone can do who actively sees a therapist. I want to keep all subject matter involved appropriate for all audiences for the reason it is a tool I’d like to share for all to be able to use.

    Is there anyone interested in co-producing this panel with me? I have a great car now and only live out in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. My best pal is Patrick so I plan to pop in and out to see him now I have a car aka I can come a few times between now and the con to work on things in person. PLEASE note we CAN NOT talk about this subject from any perspective but as patients – I mean, unless you are actually a professional.

    Not gonna lie. That would be great.

    I’ll keep my eye out for replies here!


    <3 Michelle


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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