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Patrick “Kitsunekla/Yancha/Deja” Cain

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    Tell us about yourself

    My name is Patrick and my fursonas are Kitsunekla, Yancha, and Deja. I started attending furmeets back in 2004. I have been working for the community ever since: volunteering for picnics, being a part of the steering group, then as a staff member for MNFurs, and for Furry Migration.


    What brought you to the furry fandom?

    I first learned about the furry fandom through a classmate in high school. A group of people that had the same interest in anthropomorphic animals as I did was very intriguing. I really enjoyed the art and stories. But didn’t start attending any events until a few years later when I was seeking friendship.


    How will you continue to volunteer in the community after being elected to the board?

    I will continue as staff for Furry Migration, act as quartermaster for the group, and continue being a web developer.


    How do you view events like Furry Migration and Midwinter Frolic impact the Minnesota Furs community today and tomorrow?

    These large events bring our community closer together and also educate the public about our community.


    What are your strengths that you will bring to the board?

    I will bring the ability to actively listen to the community members needs and concerns and direct them to the resources they need.

    What do you feel are areas where you want to further develop yourself? Why?

    I want to continue learning web development because I have a great passion for it and think that having this knowledge would be useful for the community.

    I also want to develop my performing ability in fursuit. Because it’s fun and gives so much joy to the people around me.


    How can Minnesota Furs reach out to other communities local and national in furry and other fandoms?

    Through online communication, sponsoring room parties and panels at other conventions, and networking with other community leaders.


    What are two things that you would like to see accomplished/improved during your tenure?

    I would like to see improvements in recruiting volunteers. Develop a volunteer department that can nurture talent of community members and communicate the opportunities to the membership.

    Secondly I’d like to see an improvement in two-way communication between the community and the board.


    One goal of MNFurs is to promote education. How do you intend on helping promote education? 

    Work on educating the public about this community. Establishing links to other geek/LGBT/fandom groups

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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