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Post-Bowlero Feedback

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    Hey everyone,


    I hope to those that have attended did have a good time.

    Now I’d like to know some feedback from some of you all that have attended. With questions like:

    – Do you want to come back to Bowlero for another future meet?

    – Is there anything you’d like more out of the Bowlero meet?

    – Any improvements to be made?

    And a lot more questions if you have any.


    & Thank you so much for all that have attended!

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    1. Bowlero was such a great place to have this meet. I had so much fun and I would definitely come back!
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    1. Yes, bowlero actually seems decent. I do prefer Dave and Busters but that place doesn’t have a lazer tag room
    2. New people to meet
    3. Maybe extend the hours a bit, two hours went by quickly
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    – FEEDBACK –


    Time to pitch in my input here…Bowlero was a fun venue and had multiple lanes with plenty of room to breathe in.  On the opposite they had more luxurious with couch-style seating in each lane.  Venue also offered other activities like a big arcade with a variety of games and laser tag.  It never felt too crowded even with the amount of other general public around the lanes we had reserved…Others wanted photos with suiters too which was fun.  The location was also great as it is central within the 494/694 loop.

    I had a few of you approach me saying how much fun was being had and this is awesome 😀

    – I would like to see another community bowling meet here, but I would like to see it spaced out a bit for pricing reasons

    – Nothing extra, it’s a bowling meet and nothing extra is needed that would make it stand out more

    – No further improvements at this time

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    – I personally found the venue to be good, but felt uneasy/anxious there most of the time considering all the drunk/ pot smokers there (quite a few people recked of pot when they walked by, it was awful) and had some negative encounters with drunks (trying to touch us in innappropriate places, telling us to do it to them, etc) and wish there was a separate area to change /keep our stuff in, that room by the entrance seems like a nice area for it. But probably costs a ton to rent it out.

    – I personally wouldn’t want another one there due to what I dealt with, maybe if it was held on a different night or time of day it’d be better?


    – No improvements needed on your end! Maybe just seeing if we can have a totally separate area for changing/storing/de-suiting.

    Thank you for hosting Ignitex!

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    hey, you know what,

    I was nervous about it at first, after attending I think it would be a good venue if we could eventually build up a rapport with the staff, I feel like trying for a weekday might work a little better to avoid some of the substance crowd, like matcha was referring to.

    tldr needs work and time to build trust, but has some pretty good chance. the arcade is great

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    We did have one of those rooms available to change in. I didn’t witness any pot smoking or inappropriate grabbing, not to say it didn’t happen, but this is a part of the reason to have a handler with you.

    Life wasn’t meant to end easy, it’s meant for you to come screeching on your rear to the golden gates saying “Wow! What a ride!”

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