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Reintroduction I guess

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    Howdy! I’m Ajax! I forgot that I created an account on here 2 years ago apparently? But I’m just now getting back into the fandom and am hoping to make some friends with similar interest! Although I am really introverted and have some social anxiety. I’m kinda one of those people you have to talk to first or else you’ll never hear from them cause I’m constantly worried about bothering people even if they tell me it’s fine multiple times…. But anyways! I found out about MNF just by searching around online. I actually live in Wisconsin but I’m only about an hour away from the twin cities. I signed up cause all the meets I found for Wisconsin were all the way across the state and I can’t drive that far just for a few hour meet ups sadly so I was just looking for somewhere I could meet people closer! I’m currently making my own fursuit for my sona K-Tea and he’s almost done! He’s taken me about 2 years to build, I started him around the time just before I kinda dropped out of the fandom for mental health-related reasons. I have depression and PTSD which was untreated at the time but I’m towards the end of my healing process now and am pretty open with talking about it cause mental health awareness is good yeah yeah. Things I enjoy that aren’t related to the fandom is SFX makeup! I love putting gory wounds and stuff on people in a legal way. I also do some costume making for me and one of my friends since we do a lot of cosplay. I do enjoy some gaming but I’m more into slow-paced games, I’m not really into pvp games. I watch anime, I’m a big weeb. I love horror movies, mostly older ones cause they make me laugh. My main favorite being the Evil dead movies and army of darkness with bruce campbell!! I sometimes do art related stuff, mostly drawing and occasionally digital art but I dont think I’m very good. I also sometimes paint cause I love watching bob ross’ the joy of painting on youtube and will sometimes paint along. I’ve recently gotten into reading SCPs cause one of my friends introduced me to them. I’m not really into music I guess?? I mean I love listening to music, it’s just that I have a horrible memory so I can never remember the names of songs or artists so kinda feel inferior compared to other people who are obsessed with it. But the stuff I do remember and know I like would be David bowie, Queen, P!ATD, Imagine dragons, Mika, AC/DC, Rob Zombie, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bauhaus, and ghost. So yeah! That’s about it! So again Hello to everyone and I hope you have a nice morning/evening/night!!
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    Hiya Ajax!

    glad you found someplace closer to you where you can participate in events. Hope to see you around at some of the meets!

    Life wasn’t meant to end easy, it’s meant for you to come screeching on your rear to the golden gates saying “Wow! What a ride!”

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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