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Snuggle/furpile get together?

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    With our modern society where job security and facebook notifications seem to take most of our attention we sometimes forget what is important. As infants, touch is one of the most important things vital to our early development.


    The idea of a bunch of people gathering to just cuddle and relax might seem cringey or suspicious but they’re already a thing, I’m not the first person to come up with this idea.

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    Yeah. We had this at furry migration 1.0…..It……Did not turn out well. No matter the intentions, things deteriorated a bit. I’m still getting,playful, crap from other con runners to this date.
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    I agree with Kellic that it has been tried before with poor results and recommended not to do again. While the idea or intention may be good, there will always be those that cause an event to go different from what would be expected.
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    Yeppers they only had it for the first FM, drama followed though I thoroughly enjoyed it
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    I could see how people might misconstrue this as a yiffing ‘opportunity’. ^v^;
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    In the telegram groups I’m in, every time a cuddle party gets brought up it seems to be understood that it will be more than just cuddles.  And these are techie groups I’m in.  I was a little shocked the first time it got brought up (an announcement of a room at a con) but I was the only one I guess.

    In any case, I reserve my snuggles for those I’m close to so not something I’d have been attending either way.

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    The thing with a “snuggle party” is the probability of someone showing up who others aren’t comfortable with, and then you get into awkward territory real fast. I’m not assuming adult stuff. That might be an issue too, but mostly just see it as complex for the sake of knowing who is comfortable around who. You can tell certain people not to attend or turn them away at the door, but then you get into an inclusion / exclusion vibe that will cause more drama.

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    Late response, but am chiming in here too in being part of the Events Department…

    This is my 2-part post and each bring up different view points…

    1.  Gatherings are fun and it’s a time for people to get together, socialize, maybe do some gaming, and so on…When it comes to a gathering of this nature it can/will lead into areas of discomfort.  To elaborate more on this, some people may come into this event thinking and/or wanting more and a snuggle party turns into more of a sexually-oriented party…Then it opens the door where boundaries are pushed with not only the event, but with people.  As it was pointed out in a previous post, let’s say someone shows up that many are not comfortable with and when ‘X’ person is involved, it raises the stakes of the uncomfortable level.

    2.  On my ending topic, I worry about general safety in an event like this.  I do not like to see people show up at an event and he/she cannot enjoy themselves because they feel on edge about someone else or what’s going on at an event.  Going back to the topic at hand, I do not support this as it enters that territory where safety is a concern.

    Jack, I know you’ve hosted some events in the past as well and I greatly appreciate it.  You take personal time out of your own life to put together something fun for people to attend.  I look forward to seeing what future events you plan, but I can’t support the type of event like this one.

    I appreciate the responses of everyone else on this as well.

    Thank you!

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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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