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Thoughts on the Bowling Meet

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    Howdy everyone! Given that this was only my first meet “aside from Migration.” I thought I’d discuss my feelings here about it in case anyone else didn’t go/has doubts about going to any of these meet ups/needs perspective/or is just genuinely curious about these events and wants to learn more.

    So first off unlike Migration when I had went there this time I actually had a chance to get to meet a lot of newer furs from the group that I got to know and talk to prior to meeting up, So I got to go in a group this time rather then going by myself from that alone I was able to fully extend myself out of my shell and actually mingle with other folks which completely opened my eyes to just how friendly everyone really is. We got there and hung out in the Party Room which is like a small little conference room. Just like a changing room of sorts with a little meet and greet thrown on the side just to get comfortable before the event actually started. Which also helps because if your scared about just going up to people while their bowling it’s nice to talk with people prior to getting your party side on XD.

    So we all talked, I got to mingle more with my party we all clicked really easily and all started talking about a verity of things. I got to ask more about a friends fursuit the process of getting it commissioned, as well as trying it on and by god it only makes me dream of having a fursuit more! It’s like a whole other world with that on to. “With a bit of hell thrown on as well by god those things get toasty and I only had it on for like 5 minutes. XD” On top of meeting a friend who’s just as big of a nerd that I am about computers!

    So after the meet and greet we bowled, got to crack jokes and have fun, Quite a few people actually offered to let us join in with them in their lanes despite them already being in games which was really humbling to say the least from there we had more people to talk to. I got to hug a couple fursuiters which was cozy X3.

    I also ended up playing some pool in the back and learning about it a bit more since I haven’t really played pool since I was like……8. So that was fun, This leads me into my last thought which is just how kind everyone there was being. I’m use to people saying how they are gonna do something or that they would love to given the capabilities online cuz I hear it from people all the time but to actually meet up with other furs and be given such hospitality? I’m not use to that. Like I was offered a ride from someone first cuz I’m scared to drive at night which then led to another party member offering to pay for my bowling ticket since I had to take a loan to go there for the gas and then I left my tail there. A Stupid tail that is in no way to go out of your way to. Someone was willing to make a long drive to bring it back to me! I didn’t even want that cuz I didn’t wanna feel like a burden! But they did anyway. Like seriouslly bless everyone. People say all the time that furries aren’t as nice as people say and I have believed it partially for a long time cuz I’ve met so many bad furs. But like after today I not only have a desire to give back to the community and be just as welcoming. Not that I wasn’t before trying to encourage people to participate as well. But more so cuz that made my night that was one of the best things that could have ever happened to me.

    So my closing thoughts would be, Yes you should totally go to these events later and I strongly hope to see any of you guys new or old and just either hug or talk with ya. Just remember to get to know people prior unless your more open about talking to people. You’ll have the time of your life I assure you. 😛

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    Eww, you’re a computer nerd?! I HATE computers! Nice meeting you my dude lol
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    I’m glad you had such a good time. I hope to be able to attend one of these meets soon.
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    Awwwww, well this is super nice to hear! Thank you for writing about your experience! I take a lot of pride in our events and our community, and I’m glad to hear that you had a great time. =)

    Also a shout out about fursuiting – if you are interested in getting a fursuit, we actually have about a half dozen fursuit makers locally who do this for a living and can be very good sources of information, whether you are looking to commission them or just get more information about suiting in general. ^_^

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    Glad to hear that you had a great time. I went last night, but I was so afraid to talk to anybody! XD

    (Moonwalks) HEE-HEE!

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    If you had your head on I think I said hi to you!! but you didn’t hear me X3 but hey don’t sweat it that’s normal for your first meet. If you go to enough of them it’ll break your shell eventually and like I said don’t be shy about meeting people on here or one of the unofficial chats like the MNFurs Telegram or Discord first before going. It really helps ease you up.
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    Everyone keeps telling me there’s a Telgram chat, but no one says what the username for it is XD what is the telegram chat?

    (Moonwalks) HEE-HEE!

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    Thanks for sharing your experience and I am very glad that it went well for you. I was there myself but didn’t speak to many people, and couldn’t bowl due to an injury but I was still glad that I came.

    I hope to be more open and chatty the next time I go. You’ve given me an example to look up to regarding conquering my anxieties. 😉

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    Hello! I promise, there is in fact a Telegram chat! I’m FlyingFire/Sunrise in the Unofficial MNFurs chat on telegram. The invite link is here: https://t.me/joinchat/CSJqe0KncHcG7FQho3A3wA

    Hm, this makes me want to make a telegram based chat here so that people can find it. Might have to do that. 🙂

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    Vib, I am glad to hear that you had a wonderful time.  Hopefully future events you attend will continue to help you grow within the community while continuing to meet new people and build relationships with current people spoken to at bowling last night.

    I don’t think I ran into you at all at bowling as I was busy running around hosting, talking with bowling staff, and so on.  Hopefully we will have a chance to converse more at a future event.  🙂

    ~ Drake M.

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