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Volunteering and Food

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    More information TBA!
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    Hey I could volunteer too! This sounds like a unique opportunity

    Life wasn’t meant to end easy, it’s meant for you to come screeching on your rear to the golden gates saying “Wow! What a ride!”

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    This is the core information for Volunteers.

    Staff is allowed to arrive earlier and leave later than general attendees with no change in price.  This includes the 3 extra meals as well as a chance to get settled in and a more relaxed enjoyment of Sunday without worrying to get packed up and moved up by sunset.  We need to do a whole bunch of “chores” to set up the camp for everyone else as well as make sure everything from kitchen to bathrooms are cleaned an sanitized before we return to the DNR.  We take possession of camp at 3pm Thursday and inspection is a 10am Monday, which means volunteers get 2 extra nights to hang out, but there will be jobs to do during the daylight hours.   An additional benefit is the “counselor” rooms between the bunk rooms will be for staff.  these are semi private 2 bed “mini rooms” which allows for a tad more privacy and control of your space.   You can volunteer for just a little bit if you prefer but we are prioritizing the counselor rooms to those who will help with majority of set up and clean up Monday as we discovered these are very demanding.

    However, we are still asking for people to help where they can and discovered that every little bit helps.

    A list of the various jobs can be seen here:

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    We are starting to set up kitchen timetable: Contact me at [email protected] and we will start seeing what you can do to help add to the feast.
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    We are also starting our pre-pricing shopping trips.  Prices can affect what is finally available within reason.  However, For those registered, please start giving us some input what to buy if cost is roughly even:

    Hot drinks: (please pick 2)

    Hot chocolate


    Spiced cider


    Sorry, no soda or iced drinks are on menu unless we have huge demand.

    Breakfast: (pick 1 bread, 1 protein, 1 additional choice)


    French toast


    Sweet breads (muffins or pastry)


    Sausage links

    Sausage patties

    Eggs (type?)



    Hash browns or home fries.

    Lunch is going to be soup/chili and ham.  Kept warm in roasters for those who get there too late for breakfast (10am) or need something before dinner (6pm).

    Dinner (pick 2 main, 2 sides)

    Burger bar


    BBQ pork

    Baked Chicken (how to season?)


    Baked potatoes

    Mashed potatoes

    Fries or potatoe puffs

    Fried appetizers (empinadas, spring rolls, etc)



    Desserts: (pick 2)




    Thanks for input




Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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